Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Figures Toy Co.'s 8 Inch Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures Series 1

The smaller Dukes figures have arrived!  Bo, Luke, Rosco, and Boss Hogg are looking great in 8 inch form.

As soon a I got them, the 12 inch versions started to look huge to me.  The new figures are sized just right.

The package is identical to the larger version.  All of the markings are the same.

Bo's clothes and nose are a little too big.  Other than that, he looks very nice.  Figures Toy Co. got the belt perfect again.

This time around, the legs are the same size.  The figure stands much easier.

It is surprising how much of a difference there is between the two sizes.

The 12 inch (left) has a little more detail in the face sculpt.

I think the 8 inch Luke looks better with the denim jacket on.  If the 12 inch figures didn't exist, I would think the sculpt on these were great.  I'm just a little spoiled by the bigger figure.

Again, Figures nailed the belt buckle.

Would you think 4 inches would make such a difference?

I think they both look like Wopat.

Rosco P. Coltrane is a great looking figure.  Like the 12 inch figure, all the details make the figure stand out.

The patch is perfect, again.

The sculpt is probably the best on Rosco in 8 inch.

The legs are the same size.  Always a plus.

The two sculpts are quite different.  It's interesting that they look so different, but both look like James Best.

Ok, how long until I make a Mini Me joke?

I like the 8 inch Boss Hogg figure better than the 12 inch.  He looks better to me.

The face looks more like Sorrell and less like Oswald Cobblepot.

Oddly enough, Boss Hogg's legs are a different size.  In the 12 inch line, all of the other three have the leg issue, but in the 8 inch assortment, only J. D. does.  Weird.

To make him stand right, you have to bend the left leg.  Not really a big deal.

Do you agree that the smaller figure (left) looks better?

I think the overdue Mini Me joke would work best here.  But I will fight the urge.

Here's 8 inches of Hazzard County corruption.

Good thing there are two 8 inch modern day Robin Hoods.

And the have backup.

The 8 inch line is a great size for actual play.  The 12 inch figures seem more like collectibles, but the smaller ones are just asking to be taken to the school yard and get into a scuffle with Skeletor or Megatron.  Dukes fans with kids should really buy these guys for their little ones.  They will love them.  And if you do, send me some pictures of the little guys playing with the little guys and I will post them on the blog.  I could use a cute post every now and then.

Thirty-five years after the premiere and we have eight Dukes of Hazzard figures with more on the way. Thank you Figures Toy Company.  Now if only we had a General Lee perfectly sized for these bad boys.  I can't wait to see pictures of series 2.

Just for the heck of it, here is a goofy hat picture.

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