Friday, March 21, 2014

New Dukes Stuff 3/21/2014 - Rough Rider General, Wopat Album, Foreign Notebooks

Let's dive into another fun-filled post about some newly acquired Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia!

This is a Sonny Shroyer autographed picture I picked up some time ago.  It got lost in the shuffle and never made it in with the collection.  I know I can get Sonny's autograph at several Dukes events, and this one is personalized to what seems to be Barbara and Van (?) but the reason I bought it is because it is a picture from the series "Enos," not the Dukes.  Enos was of course a spin off of the Dukes and only lasted one season.  The story goes that Sonny was hesitant to leave the Dukes and added into his contract that if the new show didn't make it, he coud return to Hazzard where he belongs.  That's why he left in season three and was back by season 5 of the Dukes.  This picture is on a strange type of paper and is definitely old.

"Bud Grant CBS," followed by his address, is hand written on the back of the picture.  Google tells me that Bud was president of CBS from 1980 to 1987.  Enos premiered in the 1980 season, so it seems Bud was an executive overseeing the show.  Not sure why his name is on here.  The address is for CBS Television City.

This is Tom Wopat's debut album from 1983.  He is very Luke Duke looking on the cover.  I think it's funny that he is smoking a cigar.  Other than that, this could be a picture from the show.

I like that there is a sticker mentioning the Dukes on the front.

Isn't it funny that we are so used to seeing him in blue, that a red shirt makes him look nothing like Luke? This is a cool, semi-related Dukes item.

This bad boy is darn near a holy grail.  It is the Dukes Rough Rider General Lee.  Notice it only says "The Dukes" on it, and not "of Hazzard."  To my knowledge, this is the only toy that was marketed from the cartoon "The Dukes" and not the standard TV show.  It is an extremely rare piece and I was very excited to add it to the collection in such nice condition.

Originally it cost $1.99.  It's worth almost one hundred times that now.

The car looks mostly correct and includes a pushbar in the front.  There is a tow hook on the back.  I have the Knight Rider Rough Rider from when I was a kid.  It has the same wheels and the same lever on top. The General has light up headlights where KITT had a red light in the front for the scanner bar.  I don't think the Knight Rider version is as rare as the Dukes, but I'm not an expert on KR, just a casual fan.

Oddly enough the back of the package makes no mention of the Dukes or the General Lee.  It is all about the A-Team.  I'm not sure if this was an intentional advertisement for another franchise, or if the General got the wrong card back.  This is not unique to my car because everyone I've ever seen has an A-Team back. This toy was made by LJN who was famous for their rubber WWF Wrestling Superstars action figures of the 80s.  They also made Thundercats and a ton of original Nintendo games.

These next items are unique. I got them from a seller in Portugal.  They have the markings "Caderno Escolar" on them which from what I Googled means something to do with notebooks.  No brainer there, can anyone help out with that?  They also say Caleccao which also might be a brand name.  They look legit, but I'm not entirely sure if they are vintage or not.  The first set is 8 different notebooks bound like a book.  They are numbered on the top right of the front cover.  They use images that I've seen before, but not all in the same place.  They appear to be from the cartoon as well, as they only say 'the Dukes" on the front, but the back does say the complete "the Dukes of Hazzard."

The art used on most of them does not come from the cartoon, but rather mostly from different coloring books released in the U.S as well as other products.

That is some picture of ol' Flash.

This is the only image that was used in promotional materials for the cartoon.  

They have graph paper inside, which makes them even weirder.

The back has an image from the cartoon, but has the "of Hazzard" added to the logo.

Ambar is something I could find on Google.  It is a stationary company from Portugal that has been around since the '30s.  So maybe these are for real.  They seem to be exclusive to Ambar.

They are marked Warner Bros 1983.

The seem to be genuine, and not knock off items, but they are in such perfect condition and almost feel new. Maybe whoever had them just kept them perfect.  The seller had three sets of eight, originally, which also threw up a red flag for me.  Regardless, they are cool, different, and in perfect condition and I'm happy to add them to the collection.

From another seller, also in Portugal, at around the same time, I bought these similar four notebooks.  Red flags all over the place.  They have similar markings on them, but two of the four are Coy and Vance items, with only one having Bo and Luke.  They have the same cartoon style logo, but "of Hazzard" is added.  I'm tired of playing detective; these are in the collection.

These aren't numbered like the others.  This one has a great picture of Daisy as well as the General jumping Styx River and a group shot from Season 5 with Coy and Vance as well as both Enos and Cletus.  I wish Cletus would have stuck around more after Enos returned.  It was fun to see those two in the car together, but it only lasted through the Coy and Vance episodes.  By the time Bo and Luke got back, Cletus wasn't seen in Hazzard again until the reunion movies.

This artwork is originally from the album from 1981.

This is a fun picture that isn't used often.  Boss and Rosco look like they're up to something, but they are having fun doing it.

The final notebook has Uncle Jesse and Daisy with Coy and Vance.  I bet these photo shoots were awkward.  The main stars must have wanted John and Tom back, but had to do these.  The whole Coy and Vance era is so weird... I could ramble on about it for hours.

These have similar markings as the other ones, Ambar, Caderno Escolar, but there is no date after Warner Bros, just "JA."  Don't know what that means.  

The paper is standard lined paper in these.  They are spiral bound.

There is nothing on the back.  Another, different seller from Portugal has two different binders on ebay with similar artwork.  They remind me of the knockoff Trapper Keepers from back in the day.  I had a Hulk Hogan one.  It was a fine binder, but it just didn't have all the cool pockets that the Trapper Keeper had. We'll see if I buy the binders or not, but yes, I'll probably buy the binders.


  1. A great picture of Flash. I love the tail wagging detail.

  2. "caderno escolar" means school notebook, and colecção means collection. This should be a collection of notebooks to be used in school.

    1. Wow, thank you so much. That is very insightful. I really apperciate the help.

    2. You're welcome. Btw, great website you have here. Greetings from Brasil.

    3. Thank you again. I love talking about the Dukes (obviously). Great to hear from Dukes fans outside the US.