Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Dukes Stuff - 1/13/2016 - Holy Grail Archery Set!

Let's start off 2016 with a Holy Grail!  But let's not start off this post with it.

The first item in this post full of awesome new golden era items is a weird one.  I first saw this item on ebay way back more than ten years ago.  I was outbid then.  I've never seen another until recently. Patience!  It's called the Sears UNO Family Fun Pack.  It includes four family card games.  One of those games happens to be the Dukes of Hazzard Card Game.

Sears put this fun package together, most likely for the Christmas season.  Also included, along with the Dukes game are classic UNO, UNO99, and Catchword.  I have no idea what UNO99 and Catchword are.

The Dukes game is packaged on the bottom.  It is in the same box as the standard release.

All four games are shrink wrapped together with a Family Fun Pack box.  This is a great piece.  It seems like a very rare item as I've only seen maybe two others.  I'm really happy I can finally add it to the collection.

The Dukes of Hazzard Card Game has been released on a blister pack as well as wrapped with no package.  It must have been a popular game to have so many different versions.  I have quite a few open versions, though I've never played it.  One of these days I should.

Staying in the cards category, my pal John picked up some random Dukes trading cards.  I have all three complete series as well as unopened packs, but always love getting more.  John is always looking out for Dukes items for me.  He is an auctioneer so he's in the right business for finding some great stuff.  Always love when John says he found something for me.  Keep it up JP!

The next item is the Dukes of Hazzard Two Speed Stunt Buster by Knickerbocker.  Knickerbocker was really taking advantage of the Dukes license in the early '80s.  You've seen the Dukes Barn Buster, the Speed Jumper, the Italian Autorodeo, and the individually carded Stunt Buster.  This is the Stunt Buster Action Stunt Set that is very similar to the Barn Buster but includes a General Lee that is similar to the one included in the Speed Jumper that has the two speed function.  Got all that?

This package is complete and in great condition.  I saw it at a toy show and had to have it.  I'm surprised I didn't already have one, but as you can see, there are many similar packages.

The General Lee included is the two speed version that has a little switch on the bottom that makes it go faster when activated by the ramp.  The Barn Buster version doesn't have the switch.  They look almost identical.  The doors are usually broken in these sets.  The barrels and hay bales are often lost. This set has it all.

The barn included is put together and has the stickers applied.  It can't be taken apart without removing the stickers, so it doesn't fit in the box.  The Barn Buster barn has a bigger base that includes a ramp and a little swamp.

With the barn not fitting in the box, I'm really surprised the box is in such good condition and not bent.  The back is very colorful and advertises other Knickerbocker items like the Speed Jumper and the Finger Racers.  Knickerbocker made some great Dukes toys.

The directions are included and in great shape.  I really like the illustrations.

The drawings of the General Lee look more like a Charger than the actual product.

Also included is a mailaway form for an individually packaged Stunt Buster General Lee.  This is so cool.   You only had until February of 1983 to send away for the car.  I just missed it.  The car cost $5.99 and shipping was 78¢.  That seems high for the car and low for the shipping.  I guess it evened out.  This addition is a great piece on its own.

And now to that Holy Grail!  I can't believe I got the Dukes of Hazzard Archery Set.  I'm so excited about this one.  The Dukes of Hazzard Archery Set is one of the rarest production items from the golden era.  Not exactly as rare as the mythical Dukes Swimming Pool, but up there.

I met a wonderful fellow Dukes fan named Julie who I got the set from.  I'm very happy to have met her as I bought some great items from her that I will be blogging about for some time.  She bought this set new way back when.  She's kept it in great condition.  There are just a few punctures in the plastic.  Bo and Luke are enjoying being on the Archery Set.

The set includes the bow, three arrows, a belt, a quiver, and the package has a target printed on it.The quiver has a picture of Bo, Luke, and Daisy.

This is a different sort of item that doesn't focus on the General Lee like most Dukes toys.  The Dukes' bow and arrows played a big part in the show going back to the first episodes.  Toy manufactures knew young fans didn't just want to drive like the Duke cousins, but wanted to do everything they did.

HG created the Archery Set.  They also made the Playset that includes the white plastic Boss Hogg hat, the belt, and plastic General Lee.

The back of the box doesn't have any graphics.  The Archery Set is so rare and it will hold a very special place in my collection.  I'm so happy to have it.  I love capturing those Holy Grails!