Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 8/7/2013 - Dukes Playset

Slow goings here at Dukes Collector HQ.  But that's the way summer goes.  The new items I have to share are some nice ones.

First off is a promotional shirt from the '05 movie.  I really don't know much about Rhino Linings involvement, or maybe I forgot.  But they had something to do with the movie, and released a shirt to celebrate.  It uses an image that was on all kinds of promo material for the movie.

The back has an alright 01 on it.  It isn't perfect and is blue, not black.  Apparently there was a General Lee tour.  There were a lot of Dukes things going on in the Summer of 2005.  I guess I was oblivious to some.  I was sure a huge part of others.  This is a cool shirt to add to the collection.

Sheila Forsythe was in charge of the Dukes Family Festival in Hagerstown, MD in June.  She did a great job and it was a  fun event.  I helped spread the word a little and she took very good care of me while there. She sent me a letter of thanks and a poster from the event.  This was a very nice gesture and I am proud to add it to the collection.  Thanks Sheila!

I have been hunting for this Dukes of Hazzard Playset still in the box for some time.  It is a staple piece for any Dukes collection, and it should be in mine.  I finally found it a good price.

As labeled, it contains and official (Boss Hogg) Dukes hat, a plastic General Lee, a Dukes belt with buckle, a CB unit, and a photo.  It also comes with an ID card and a CB talk reference card.

The set is made by HG.  They made puzzles and playsets for many popular licences in the '70s and '80s including CHiPS, Godzilla, Superfriends, Voltron, Barbie, and others.

I already have this set in its mail-away form.  It shares the same box with the Barbie set.

Here is everything in and out of the box.  The mail-away seems to come with a couple more items.  This plastic rebel flag isn't in the packaged set, and there are also plastic handcuffs that I didn't include in the picture.

The General Lee in the set is a pretty nice toy.  It looks much more like it should compared to the Mego version.  But, oddly enough, just like the above pictured shirt, it has blue 01s.

It doesn't have a push bar, but it is a very nice General.

The CB Talk reference card is interesting.  I've never heard of a "Plain Brown Wrapper" or an "Egg Beater."

Now let's talk about this picture.  First it's obvious that these are all prototype items.  The General looks horrible.  The logos on the belt and CB are very different than the items we got.  The same goes for the hat. But what is up with the kid's shirt?  I can't even explain.  What are they going for here?  I don't remember any shirt like that on the show.  Very odd choice.  This kid looks like he is around five years old.  This set came out around '81 so the picture was taken around '80 or so.  The kid was a perfect age to really love the Dukes.  I wonder if he still does.  Wouldn't it be cool to know you were on a Dukes item?  I would love to talk to this guy.  He'd be in his mid to late 30s now.  Let's find him.

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  1. I got this set for Christmas in the early 80's. The Boss Hogg hat was cool but the General broke fairly quickly if I remember - The axles were plastic and once broken were never the same. I got the big Ertl General the year after (the metal one with the brown ramp) and I still have it till this day! I had Dukes rub on transfers, thought they were from this set - must have been from something else.