Monday, July 29, 2013

Still a Kid at Heart by Brad Miller

Aaaaannd we're back.

I've been away from the blog for too long.  Work and such kept me away, but now I'm back and ready to get started Dukes blogging again.  My new buddy Brad Miller, who I met at Dukes Fan Fair in Nashville along with his lovely wife Lynn, stepped up and agreed to take the reigns for a post.  I really appreciate Brad writing this for me.  Here is Brad's post: Still a Kid at Heart.

I am like most of you out there and grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard.  I had all kinds of the toys as a child and several of the Ertl 1/64 General Lees.  After the show went off the air, I would catch re-runs on Saturdays around lunch time (when the cartoons got finished they would show an episode of Dukes followed by CHiPs).  Then time moved on and so did I to other things,  but I always had my fondness for the Dukes.  I was super excited when I heard they were going to release all the seasons on DVD and would always get the latest one.  That got my mind back on the Dukes and I would stay up late (often way too late) after I got off work at nights to watch some episodes.  It was like it was a new show all over again to me.  We had our first child, Jordan, in 2008 and in 2010 I put in an episode of Dukes just to see what he thought about it and my son has been hooked ever since.  It is a brand new show to him and he doesn’t understand that all the actors have aged or passed on in the 30+ years.  He is a huge Luke Duke fan and has his “Luke” blue jeans (as Jordan calls them), cowboy boots and blue plaid button up shirt that he wears quite often.  We took him to the reunion in Byron, GA this past spring and he got to meet his hero.  Having Jordan be such a fan of the Dukes has gotten me back to my childhood and into collecting Dukes items.  I don’t have a huge collection but it continues to grow and my wife is very understanding (as long as I keep her stocked with shoes and purses lol).  If I had to pick one item to be my favorite it would have to be the latest Auto World 1/18 General Lee because of the detail and accuracy.  Sentimental wise it would have to be the Dixie horn that I finally had installed on my truck.  It was my grandfather’s and I remember being Jordan’s age and have him blow the horn all the time.

We took Jordan to the reunion in Byron, GA this past spring and he got to meet his hero. 

The other Good Ol’ Boy was there too.

One of the guys there had this General Lee and was nice enough to let Jordan slide in the window.

I thought I would share some of my collection with you.  I have one each of the General Lee r/c cars the 1/10 and the 1/18.  It is very tempting to take them out and run them around the driveway but I must stay strong.

This picture shows (left column, top) the 1/24 General Lee and the model 1/24 General, the most recent release of Rosco’s patrol car, and the older release of the patrol car with the wrong light bar.  The other side (top) has the 1/24 Styleized General, the 1/18 General with sound effects (Dixie horn, engine revving,  and Duke boy yell), Auto World 1/18 car, and the 1/18 General with 1/64 car.

Here are some puzzles, calculators, card games, cds, board game, and still wrapped tv tray.

Some unused coloring books.

Some other 1/64 and 1/144 cars, unpunched stunt buster, Dukes glasses (after Larry did his blog on those, I had to have a set haha), and a great “01” mousepad that I found on eBay.

These are really nice items that I got at Cooter’s Place in Nashville, TN or you can get them online at   I just installed the trailer hitch cover and the license plate frame on my truck today.  I have the signs hanging in my garage.

Thank you for letting me share some of my collection and story with you.  Thanks also to Larry for posting this for me.  His dedication to the Dukes is unsurpassed.  He puts a lot of hard work into this blog and bringing Dukes collectors together and he should be commended for that.  Keep up the great work Larry!

Brad Miller

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