Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The complete Johnny Lightning Dukes of Hazzard line: Series 6

 Let's (finally) get back to the Johnny Lightning Dukes of  Hazzard line with the second to the last set of cars to come out, Series 6.  This set was released in 2008 and features a couple of new cars from the show to the diecast world as well as new versions of the two most prominent cars.

The package design is very similar to Series 5 with the see through bubble that shows both sides of the car.

The back does not include a checklist and just shows off the pack-in item (which we will discuss below).

The first car in the series is the General Lee once again.  This is the scuffed version of the car.  Perhaps Bo and Luke got a little too close to Rosco's Patrol Car and some of the white paint rubbed off.  Maybe Enos was in on it and tried to give the boys the squeeze because there are white scuffs on both sides.  It is a fun version of our favorite car.

The tenth episode of the series saw the Duke boys in Hazzard County Sheriff deputy uniforms, with the task of  taking a dangerous prisoner from Springville County to Hazzard.  It is a very memorable episode because of the Dukes in police outfits, a foot chase through a ghost town, and the car chase involving an ambulance.  The General isn't in the episode much, but this Springville County patrol car is.  It is another use of the same police car body by JL.  They did their research and made it look just like it did in the episode.  "Deputy Dukes" is a great episode and this car is a great addition to the line.

As in Series 2 with the General Lee and in Series 4 with Daisy's Plymouth, the even number series of this line all include a Zinger.  If you have a General Zinger, you have to have a Rosco car Zinger.  JL did not disappoint.  This version of the Patrol Car is a better representation than the normal version in Series 1 because of the updated light bar and more accurate decals.

Episode 19 of season 2 was called "Jude Emery."  It was intended as a back door pilot for a show about a traveling Texas Ranger.  Bo and Luke helped Jude track down a convict on the run.  It was an actioned packed episode.  In one scene Cooter drove this Plymouth Road Runner.  Its two large air cleaners on the hood make it stand out.  With Johnny Lightning and Auto World making 1/18 versions of more obscure cars from the show like Cooter's Camaro, I would not be surprised if this car, as well as Lucifer, aren't immortalized in 1/18 soon.  You heard it here first, folks.  

This is the first set to  include only four cars.  It is disappointing, but JL made up for it with an awesome pack-in.  Each car came with a puzzle piece sort of background.  When all four are combined, it creates a Boar's Nest diorama.

Who doesn't want to drive their General Lee to the Boar's Nest?  The scale to the cars looks very good.  It is a fun addition to this line and anyone's Dukes of Hazzard collection as a whole.

There is a slight faux pas that JL included.  They used the logo for the Boar's Nest from the movie instead of the TV show.  Not that big of a deal, and probably unnoticeable to most people except stickler's like us.  This is my favorite of all the pack-ins.  Johnny Lightning really gave us Dukes fans a great line of cars.  One more series to look at.  The final post on this line will be up soon.


  1. Yes! The Boar's Nest! That was the first interaction I had with you was an email about those little cards haha! They look great! Love the correct '77 Monaco police car too. Those are some of the hardest JL cars to find besides the tow truck. I met a Dukes collector/fan in mid-Ohio that makes absolutely KILLER scale replicas of Dukes buildings and the Boar's Nest is one of his creations. I also got a replica Cooter's garage, Duke's farm house and still site from him. I will definitely have to post some pictures of them!