Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Hunt Is Back On! - New White Lightnings and a Few Other Things

Be on the look out, there are new White Lightnings in the wild!

As we all know, the newest 1/18s, the Camaro, 00 Mustang, and the Rosco Patrol Car, had White Lightning versions that included gold wheels as well as white tires.  The previous 1/25 White Lightnings and Lightning Strikes  had standard silver wheels inside the white tires.  And of course, there was never a WL of LS 1/18 General Lee.  That has all changed.  Johnny Lightning has mixed things up and released all new chase versions of our favorite car.

The new cars match the other non-General Lee Hazzard cars and have gold rims.  I was lucky enough to get one in 1/25.  There is also a 1/18 version this time around.  I just knew it would come out sooner or later.  I have seen a 1/25 Lightning Strike version (orange wheels) with gold rims, but cannot confirm if there is a LS 1/18.  My guess would be no, because there was no LS version of the other 1/18s, but you never know.  I'm still searching for the WL 1/18 and the LS 1/25, fingers crossed.

In other Dukes news, I had the fortune to pick up a couple Silver Era 1/18s.

This is the "Race Day" General Lee.  It is unfinished.  It has a primered hood and an orange 0 along with other details.  I honestly don't know what the passenger side 01s look like, I've never seen one open.  This is my second one and the box is in amazing shape.

The other car I got is the standard Barris General Lee.  I never picked this car up back in the day because I was against the idea of George Barris having his name on our car.  He didn't create the General.  I once ask Ben Jones why George claims to have made the General, and he told me George is so big in the industry, you let him say what he wants.  Ben is a wise man.  This car has gone up in value quite a bit in the last few years.  I was lucky to get it at the price I did.  I may be against this car (not as much as I used to be) but if it weren't for this version, we wouldn't have the crown jewel of all Dukes collectibles, the Gold General Lee. It is also a part of the Barris line of 1/18s.

This version has Barris' crest on the box.

It also comes with a certificate of authenticity.  I have no idea what it says, as I don't usually open these higher-end variants.

Most of the variants just have differences on the box.  This version has a crest printed on the car.  I wonder if it is on both sides.  The world may never know.  

And I got another copy of the Dukes album on cassette. This is one of those items I can't let slip through ebay at a small price.  It seems I always buy these things if they are cheap.  Not really sure why.


  1. I thought I'd 'flag up' an article which has appeared today on the BBC website.

    It's interesting to see that for a British audience the first thing the writer associates with the Confederate flag with is the Dukes.

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  3. I have a "race day" general lee in the box made ertl collectibles. Any thoughts on what that car is worth? How rare are we talking? Packaging is in decent shape. Bought at garage sale for 20 bucks.

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