Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jackpot! I know have all three 1/18 White Lightnings - 1/18 Double Zero WL

Sure is good to have friends in this hobby.

I was able to nab the last remaining 1/18 Dukes of Hazzard White Lightning from Johnny Lightning.  This is the WL version of the Double Zero.  And the best part, I got it for the price of a standard 1/18.

Like the Rosco Patrol Car and Cooter's Camaro, the Double Zero (I refuse to call it the incorrect name of "Cooter's Ford Mustang")  has white tires and gold rims.  I am not aware of any other Johnny Lightning Dukes cars in the pipeline.  Auto World is making a Daiy's Plymouth, but they usually don't make chase variants.  I'm surprised JL hasn't released a WL 1/18 General Lee.  I'm hoping one comes along one of these days.


  1. Have you heard anything about this new General?
    I collect as well but usually focus on the 1/18 diecast, but couldn't find anything on it supposedly its new for this year June 2013. I have another question it seemed some of the older ertl diecast 1/18 scale around early 2000’s and so on the quality was not there and I have a few broken door handles my ertl authentic General had parts that fell off in the box I had to reglue. do you know a good way to get replacements

    1. Hi Curt,
      That is the same AutoWorld General Lee that was released in the US around a year ago. It is now being released internationally. My review:

      As far as replacement parts for other 1/18s, there really isn't any way to get specific parts. Perhaps buying open, loose, or played with cars on ebay and use them as parts cars.