Friday, March 18, 2016

New Dukes Stuff - 3/18/2016 - Signage, Star Wars Poster, Magazine

Got some new Dukes of Hazzard items to show off.  There are definitely some interesting items in this bunch.  Let's take a look.

First off is the current issue of MOPAR Action magazine.  I need to thank out pal Neal for the heads up on this one.  You can find it now wherever magazines are sold.

If you happen to go to my local Foodland and the issue is in front of all other magazines proudly displaying the General Lee for all to see, I didn't do it, really, I didn't (I did).

It has a nice long article about the General Lee and the Dukes and it gets most of the show information correct.  It is a nice read and the cover makes it a very a cool addition to any Dukes of Hazzard Collection, so go check it out.

I got a couple more Dukes of Hazzard Tin Signs recently.  I first wrote about these a few years ago when they were brand new.  On their recent vacation to Florida, my parents spotted these on a shopping trip.  I'm always excited to stock up.  Good to see they are still available out there.  

This item sure is unique.  It, obviously, isn't a Dukes item.  My aunt bought it for me for Christmas. She saw something special in it, and she was right.  I love Star Wars, everyone loves Star Wars, Neal really loves Star Wars.  This is, without question, a Dukes of Hazzard inspired Star Wars poster.  The orange colors and the Yeee-Haw really give it a Dukes feel.  I've always thought of the Millennium Falcon as the General Lee of the sky.  It's a thick picture, it almost feels like canvas.  It came framed and everything.  Aunt Karen, this is an awesome picture and you knew what you were doing when you bough it for me.  Thank you very much!

This final piece in this short blog is just amazing.  I really love unique items you couldn't buy in a store.  Store displays are incredibly rare, especially Golden Era store displays like this one.  This is a cardboard display for the Knickerbocker Dukes of Hazzard Wrist Racers Stunt Cars.  It is in perfect condition.

It was recently on ebay and I was the highest bidder until the last second.  Someone used one of those pesky sniper apps and I was outbid.  Ebay is a weird place because a few days later the seller had it for a buy it now for my highest bid.  I jumped on it.  Perhaps the sniper didn't pay, or maybe the seller had two (I doubt it given the rarity) but for whatever reason, it ended up here at DukesCollector central and I couldn't be happier.  I'm not a fan of ebay sniper programs.  It takes the fun out of it. That's why we do this, right?  Cause it's fun.

The artwork is really cool.  Rosco doesn't look very happy, but the details are very accurate to the early seasons.  He even has his signature ring on.  Pretty funny that he is launching a miniture version of his Police Cruiser.  Breaking some fourth wall there.

I'm not sure if I never noticed, or never knew, but the Wrist Racer Rosco Car is designed to to do spin-outs.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy are also breaking walls by letting their toy Gen'ral rip. I do remember an episode where Boss Hogg had a map of Hazzard on the wall and little toy cars representing the General Lee and other cars to show Rosco his latest scheme.  He didn't use a licensed Ertl 1/64, but it would have been really cool if he did.  That's the kind of Easter eggs that are added to today's productions and wouldn't have been done back then.

The General Lee does Wheelies.  Again, don't think I knew that.

Here's a nice shot of several Knickerbocker Stunt Racers.  I couldn't find a carded General Lee before I took the pictures.  I have a few in some bin, somewhere.  It's surprising that the artwork of Rosco isn't used on the Rosco car.  I'm glad I got the display piece or I might never have seen this great shot of Rosco P. Coltrane.

The display art of the cars is very spot on to the actual toys.  This is usually not the case.  The in-house artist at Knickerbocker did a very nice job.  I'm really happy to add this store display to the collection.  I hope I find some more displays soon.


  1. I had that General Lee wrist racer as a kid. Loved that thing! And I really dig that Millennium Falcon poster!!

  2. Dude, thanks for the shout out! I def love Star Wars and the Dukes.