Sunday, July 15, 2012

Knight Rider at Comic Con - Exclusive KARR

So Comic Con is absolutely crazy.  I have a million pictures I will post in the next few days.  There is just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  But for right now, lets talk Knight Rider.

As I posted before, KITT is at SDCC.

The exclusive is an amazing toy.  They did a heck of a job with the lights and noises.  I'll get a video of it up soon.

David Hasselhoff was in attendance yesterday and I got to meet him!  He signed my KITT for me.

He was really nice and took to time to talk to me.  I gave him a DukesCollector card and he said he likes to talk with Dukes fans and would like to attend a Dukes event.  Let's make this happen Alma.  Maybe more exciting than meeting the Hoff, well no, equally as exciting as meeting the the variant KARR exclusive.  While in line for the signing, I talked to some Knights of the West Coast club members.  They seem to have a great club.  They said there was a rumor that there were variant versions of the exclusive KITT that were KARRs.  KARR was the prototype for KITT on the show and was sorta KITT's evil twin.  They all said they they bought several and didn't get a signal one, and weren't even sure if the rumors were true.  

When I got back to the hotel room last night, I check and lo and behold, I had this bad boy in my giant red Mattel bag:

I haven't even checked eBay to see what these things are going for.  I think I may keep it.  I'll have a standard, an autographed one, and this one.  Not sure yet.  KITT has lines and sounds from the show as well as great lights from the scanner.  KARR does too.  I posted a video of KARR's lights and sounds.

I am so happy that I got one of these.  And that I met Michael Knight.  What a great day.  Have I even mentioned Dukes in this post?  Once I get all these pics and stories posted, I'll talk about getting into an argument with a toy creator from Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum about Knight Rider being more popular than Dukes.  That dude is nuts.  He makes great toys, but we Dukes fans know which show is bigger, and it ain't Knight Rider.  


  1. That KARR is sick! I didn't even realize that variation existed! So jealous you got to meet the HOFF too! Have fun man!

  2. I purchased a knight rider hotwheels at SDCC 2012 this year as well. A friend told me about the existence of this variant. I went home and I discovered that I was lucky enough to get one! I didn't check before because I wanted to keep it in mint condition. When I found out that I had a KARR, I felt like Charlie when he found the golden ticket! It's a real cool piece, and very rare. If someone were to get it signed by David Hasselhoff, this item would be priceless! Check it out on eBay! My screen name is 09teacher314. Thank you :)

    1. Good luck with the auction, I'm interested to see what these bad boys go for.