Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comic-Con pictures - SDCC part 4

Let's take this thing home.  Time to finish out the pics from Comic-Con. 

This guy just let people duct tape anything on him.  Zoom in close and find the DukesCollector business card.  It seemed to be the only thing that caught the flash. 

I really thought this guy was a tree.  Then he moved.

This was made of Legos.  Wow. 

I guess Jeff actually made some sales.  Me and Sara really brought home the bacon though. 

Ah, the taco truck.  I sure loved it. 

Look how many people.  And this was Sunday, the slow day.  Friday and Saturday were the big days.

Tetris pants.

Falcor from Never Ending Story playing a Keytar.  Madness. 

On Sunday, I finally made it to mythical Hall H.  This is where they held the biggest panels and people stood in line over night.  I went to the Sons of Anarchy panel and it was really cool.  Panels like Firefly, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones led people to camp out the night before so they could get in.  Comic-Coners do crazy things. 

Here is a blurry pic of the cast of Sons of Anarchy. 

That's all the pics I got.  It was a great time.  Be sure to check out Jeff's Teddy and the Yeti blog for his pics.  I was on the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk last night and I caught myself in Con mode trying to heckle people as they walked by.  It works to pull people to your table in the small press section.  Not a good idea in public.  As we were walking to the car from the boardwalk, there was a band playing at one of the bars.  They started to play Good Ol' Boys.  Love unexpected Dukes of Hazzard.

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