Monday, July 30, 2012

New Dukes Stuff - 7/30/2012 - VHS tapes and LP records

Comic-Con is over and I'm back from the beach.  It's time to get this blog back to what it's all about.  Dukes of Hazzard memerobilia.  Namely, showing off my new Dukes stuff on the funky leaf/wheat printed table.  What's up with that table anyway? 

I haven't been buying too much lately.  Mainly because I have been so busy.  But I did get a few new things.  Most of it is decidedly outdated technology. 

I picked up Waylon Jennings' Music Man album at a great price.  It is his first album to include Good Ol' Boys.  In this case it is refereed to as "Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard."  It's fun to pick up old vinyls.  I'll have to listen to it on my Dukes of Hazzard Record Player.

I also picked up 33, count 'em, 33 Columbia House Dukes of Hazzard VHS tapes.  These bad boys were released in 1997 in one of those music/video clubs.  You would get the first one for a penny and than the rest at full price, or something like that.  These things were like $20 a piece originally.  I picked up all 33 for $7!  I paid more for shipping than I did for the tapes.  About half of them a still sealed.  Each tape has two episodes on it.  I'll never play them or anything, but they sure are cool to have.  They will line the background of some shelf soon. 

While at the Con, I met another blogger name Reis O'Brien.  Reis is also known as the Lord of Dorkness and runs the blog The Lair of the Dork Lord.  He left a message here on DukesCollector a week before the convention saying he would bring me a Dukes item he bet I didn't have.

When I visited his his booth, he pulled out this rip-off General Lee.  He won the bet, I didn't have it. 

This little beauty has opening doors, well one opening door left, and looks very much like a General.  This could be the very car that I saw at a local swimming pool when I was a kid leading me to beg my mom to find me a General Lee with doors that open.  She found me a orange Charger with an American flag on the roof.  She was close, but I think this was the culprit. 

It was made by Yatming, the same company that made the Charger America car. 

Thanks Reis!  It was a lot of fun meeting you and I will stay in touch.  Trust me, there are a whole bunch more Dukes of Hazzard collectors out there.  Not just me and you.  And I hope you don't mind that I lifted this picture from your blog.  I didn't have my camera at the time. 

And finally I wanted to show off my collection of SDCC Exclusive Hot Wheels Knight Rider KITTs.  Here we have (from left to right) my autographed David Hasselhoff KITT, the variant KARR, and the standard KITT.  They sure are cool pieces.  I'm so glad I was able to get all of these.  The craftsmanship that went into the car and the display box really deserves recognition.  Good job Mattel!

But wait a second, is that five boxes?  I thought I said I only had three.  What could this mean?  Could DukesCollector have two extras?  Hmmmm..........


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Larry! Glad you like the "Dixie Special" car. It was great meeting you too, and hopefully we'll meet again one day, maybe at some future Dukes of Hazzard fan gathering. :)

    1. Come on over to the east coast in a few weeks. Hazzard Homecoming is the best fan gathering there is.