Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard in comic books

If you haven't heard, I'm heading to the San Diego Comic-Con International soon.  The main reason for the trip is that Jeff's comic Teddy and the Yeti was chosen to exhibit at the show.  That's huge for an independent comic.  We will also be hawking freshly minted DVDs of the internet comedy phenomenon that is Franks and Beans.  And of course I'll be wearing Dukes shirts and passing out Dukescollector cards to everyone who makes eye contact with me.  It is going to be crazy and I can't wait. 

In honor of SDCC, I decided to post about the Dukes of Hazzard in comic books. 

In Marvel Tales #159, a Spider-Man story is reprinted that originally appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #21.  In the original issue, it is mentioned that the Beverly Hillbillies is Aunt May's favorite TV show.  The reprint was updated for an 80s audience:

Aunt May has good taste.  Can't spell "Hazzard," but has good taste.  I am looking for this particular issue to add to my collection. 

Recently while Jeff was reading a back-issue of the Tick, he noticed this:

Good eye Jeff!  I love that Ol' Crazy Cooter gets the mention in this.  The panel comes from Tick: Big Blue Destiny #3.

Deadpool #22 includes a couple references to the Dukes:

This is the first time I've ever seen "Dukes O' Hazzard."  Deadpool better set this woman straight and let her know "the rest O' the country" loves the Dukes. 

Yep, even Deadpool loves them Dukes.

And finally we have an appearance by the General Lee in a comic called Jesus Hates Zombies:

I came across this book at Evil Genuis Comics in California, PA when Jeff was signing copies of Teddy and the Yeti.  I was pretty stunned to see our favorite car on the cover of a zombie comic.  Especially one starring Jesus.  I read the book and basically Jesus and honest Abe drive the General to Las Vegas to kill some zombies.  Not really any explanation of why they have the General.  A little while later, Jeff ends up working with the creator of the book, Stephen Lindsay, on FUBAR.  Weird how that worked out.  Earlier this year, I asked Stephen why he included the General in his book.  His answer:  "I wanted my characters to drive the coolest car out there."  Can't argue with that.  There is currently a movie in pre-production for Jesus Hates Zombies.  I asked Stephen if the General will make an appearance, and sadly he said no.  But congratulations for making a book popular enough to get a movie deal.  Maybe that luck will rub off on me and Jeff at SDCC.  One can hope.


  1. Hey Larry! This is Reis from Lair of the Dork Horde. I'll be at SDCC as well and would love the chance to meet a fellow Dukes collector. We'll be at booth #4633 (my company is called Mixo) and I'll be the tall, bald dude with the tattoos. Or I can come by your booth. I'll even bring you a Dukes of Hazzard rarity (nothing too exciting, but I bet it's a knock-off you don't have). :)

    1. I'll take that bet. I enjoy your blog and all the ones related to it. I'm sure its going to be overwhelming. I'm so exited. I'll see you there.

  2. Hey Reis, we'll be in the small press section, row Q, booth 11. Stop by and say hi! And Larry, I'll have a new FUBAR book there with art by none other than Daniel Thollin, artist on Jesus Hates Zombies. Comics are one big happy family.