Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Blog Updates

Unfortunately you can't get new Dukes of Hazzard things each week.  Fortunately this isn't one of those weeks.  I got a few new things.  Aside from posting my new things, I also want to pass along a little random Dukescollector news. 

I am new to this whole blogging thing.  Sure, I've commented on Jeff's Teddy and The Yeti blog plenty of times, but writing a blog opens you up to a whole new world.  I have gotten quite a few kind words from readers and its a lot of fun.

Jeff's blog is about his comic book Teddy and the Yeti, comics, and life in general (where my blog is about life in the General HA).  I recommend it to anyone, as it is a really fun read.  He mentions me and my site enough, so I figured it was time to reciprocate.

While searching the web, I came across Retro Rescue.  The banner shown above is enough to get you to love this blog.  There you can find pictures and stories about all the great video games, toys, and collectibles we can't get enough of.  I love that Goonies is on the top of their page, hands down my favorite movie.  You won't be disappointed checking out this site. 

In my first post I mentioned that I bought a 1/144 Racing Champions poster from my new friend Jeff K. from Liberty, IL.  It was very smooth transaction, and Jeff is great to deal with.  He asked me to mention that he has several RC 1/144 Dukes cars and a couple of Ertl 1/64 Dukes 3-packs that he would like to sell.  If any readers have any interest in these items, please contact me and I will get the info to Jeff. 

I recently bought a couple of items from Dean in Santa Maria, CA.  This was another smooth deal and I can't wait to get the items.  I will post pics when they come in.  Thanks Dean.

And finally to my new things:

This is a cool old print ad for the the line of MPC Dukes of Hazzard models.  It is from 1981 (many great things are).  I really like the artwork of the cars, but Bo and Luke's faces are a little strange. 

This tiny little comic was only available in Canada with Nabisco's Shreddies.  The story is in 3D and written in English and French.  My first thoughts were that Shreddies would be like America's Shredded Wheat, but a webseach tells me that they are more similar to Life cereal.  There are a few more of these out there and they go for a pretty good price still sealed.  This one is open and has no 3D glasses.  I picked it up for like two bucks.  Not bad at all.  The artwork of the Duke Boys is much better than the MPC ad. 

And I got a needle for my previously mentioned Dukes of Hazzard record player.  I have no idea how to install this thing, but darn it! I will listen to the Dukes album on my record player.  I have to get my hands on Sonny Shroyer's Enos Back in Hazzard album.  I want to listen to that on my record player too. 

And finally I wanted to share one of the oddest Dukes of Hazzard items I have. 

Its a marble. 


  1. Yay, you got a needle!!!

    Also, didn't Jeff get you that marble???

  2. Or perhaps it is a rare pearl, worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars.