Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Dukes stuff from the Steel City Con 3/7/2012

The Steel City Con is always a fun show.  It is a toy show held at the Monroeville Convention Center three times a year.  I feel I have been going to often over the last few years because I am getting to know several dealers by name.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Jeremy of Pop Culture Connection sets up each show and its always fun to hang out with him.  (Three blog posts in a row that I mention him!!!)  In the past I have scored some great Dukes items.  At this show I picked up a few Dukes things.

This Daisy's Jeep model is still in the plastic wrap.  It is in very nice condition.  It surprised me that this was made in 1980.  Most of the Dukes merchandise come from 1981.  The models must have been ahead of the curve.  The seller of this item was a fellow Dukes collector and she told me she would check out the site.  I hope you see this and share with us some of your collection and stories.

These three items all came from one person.  I first noticed the paper party table cloth at his booth.  After asking about it, he told me he was an owner of a '70 Dodge Charger, and though it wasn't "Generalized" he has a fondness for the Dukes of Hazzard.  He sold mostly Hot Wheels and Matchbox, but told me he had some Dukes somewhere.  It took him a minute, but he remembered exactly what box they were in and pulled out this '81 Boss's Caddy and Cooter's tow truck.  I have each, but these two are in great condition.  There are two different versions of the Cooter truck.  Now I have both loose and in a package.  I think I have about five table clothes, time to maybe use one...nah.

All four of these "Bananas" magazines came from one seller.  I have noticed in the past that they had a few Dukes items at their booth, but nothing that I didn't have.  I almost didn't notice these at the show.  They are magazines geared toward kids that were put out in the early 80s.  I'll have to find out exactly how many featured the Dukes on the cover.  A quick web search told me that the editor of the magazine was R. L. Stine, later of Fear Street and Goosebumps fame.  Pretty cool.  I haven't done anything more than leaf through a couple of these.  One of these days I'm going to read them and see how funny they are.  Its really strange that they used the following photo for the cover, it really looks like Luke is yawning.

Those are the items from the most recent Steel City Con.  This past Sunday someone told me they were looking at the Con's website and saw me.  I didn't know I was on their site.  Turns out I am. 

That's a pic from my camera! From my site! Weird, but who cares, its me and Bo Duke together on a site that I don't own.  So its awesome.  I'll tell the story all about hanging out with John Schneider that day in a future post. 

I also got a few new things in the mail from my Dukes friend Don in Iowa. 

This is a press release, press photo, and autographed photo from Christmas Comes to Willow Creek.  It was a made-for-TV Christmas movie John Schneider and Tom Wopat did for CBS in 1987.  It was a pretty fun movie that I watched many times.  I don't think its been on in a while though.  They need to put that on DVD.

I also got this copy of an advertising poster that NBC put out to promote Knight Rider.  Looking back, it is pretty harsh.  We all know the General Lee won in the end. 
Nice subtle change made to the car. 

And finally there is this cool poster from Corey Eubanks, famous pilot of the General Lee.  He is the only guy I've ever seen fly an orange car.  This poster is signed in the upper corner.  Good stuff.  


  1. Curious...what did the asterisk by "The Competition" lead to? Just basic copyright info, a disclaimer, or something else?

  2. It cites the source of info about the Charger to Motor Trend Magazine from 1969. Its funny how under "Accessory Features" it goes into all kinds of detail about KITT saying it has in dash video and this and that, and under the General, it says "doors don't open." Someone had a really good time trashing the Dukes.

  3. That's funny stuff. Here's an unrelated question - have you seen the new Wendy's commercial where two guys are ordering chicken pot pies and dressed up in '70s attire? Are they driving around in a Charger or a Challenger? It's tough for me to tell the difference sometimes.

  4. Its for KFC. It is a 1970 Charger. Wendy's doesn't sell pot pies.

  5. I just bought that same poster off of John Schneider's website! I haven't got it in the mail yet but yours is looking good!

    1. Its a nice one. You'll enjoy it. Its unlike any other poster i've seen. Thanks for commenting and enjoy the blog.