Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Newest Dukes things 2/22/12

Let me try this again. I have a message board on my site and have been posting a few messages about new Dukes of Hazzard things I have added to my collection. I put the following message on there the other day. I figured why not post it to this blog thing too. So here goes.

I recently had a good run of closings at work, so I did what any Dukes of Hazzard addict would do, buy lots of Dukes stuff.

Here is part one of the latest haul.

This is the famous Dukes of Hazzard playset. It came in a retail box and also in this mail-away box. It’s nice to have the mail-away version. The retail version is fetching a lot of money on ebay these days. I have a lead on one. I hope it works out. This mail-away is complete and in great shape.

This spiral pinball game is in amazing shape. The box and the contents are perfect. It suprises me the some of these items have survived this long in condition like this.

This Slam Shifter set is something I have been after for a while. The box is in great shape. It came all wrapped in plastic wrap and I haven't unwrapped it yet. I got it for a great price too.

Part two.

These little finger bicycles sure are odd. I think it was weird that the maker of the full size bike was able to get away with naming it after the General. Then these things are produced. Its like a authorized tribute to and product that is an unauthorized tribute to the General Lee. Does that make sense? Anyway, I got them. I also recently bought the last of the four TV Guides I didn't have. Now I have all four.

I got this display box of trading cards, which is awesome, and this very nice school folder. I still need several other school supplies. This belt racer thing seemed like a ripoff Dukes car, so my buddy Jeremy (of Pop Culture Connection in Greensburg, PA) gave it to me. Great guy.

These pants drive me nuts. There were several different ones put out in 2005 for the movie. Apparently they were available at Wal-Mart. I didn't know about them (somehow) and I didn't buy any of them. Now they are near impossible to find. If they were at Wal-Mart, WHY DOESN'T ANYONE SELL THEM NOW??? They never show up on ebay. Crazy.

All of these cars were mine as a kid and I recently found them at my uncle's house. The one with the American flag on top is great. I always wanted a General Lee that had opening doors. My mom searched everywhere and she came pretty darn close when she found this one. Great job Mom. The one with the V on it explodes apart when it hits a wall.

I have since aquired quite a few more items, so expect another post like this soon.  I got something I have been after for a long time.  I'm very excited about it.

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