Monday, May 6, 2013

Cooter's Place's Twitter Lee giveaway

We are just about thirty days from the Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair in Nashville, TN (and I haven't bought my airline tickets yet...whoa, gotta get on that.)  In order to help get the word out about the event, Cooter's Place is running a contest on Twitter, and I think whoever came up with it is a genius, a Dukes of Hazzard Genius!

What better way to get people to do something you want than to give them a chance to win something for doing it.  In this case the item to be given away is a signed 1/64 General Lee.  But not just any signed 1/64.  Ben Cooter Jones also wrote "Twitter Lee" on the car.  This is the world's only Twitter Lee!  It has taken Twitter by storm.  #TwitterLee has been trending since Saturday.  Maybe.  The point of the contest it to spread the word about Dukes Fan Fair, so to enter, the entrant must retweet a message that mentions the Dukes Fan Fair.  (Tell me that is not genius.)  The aforementioned tweet is as follows:

follow @CootersPlace and RT to Enter #DukesFanFair June 8 Nashville win a TwitterLee signed by Cooter #DukesofHazzard

Now you have to have a Twitter account to enter.  I made one a while ago just for contests, and if you aren't signed up, this is what everyone should do.  The original tweet from @CootersPlace was sent out Saturday,  May 4 around noon eastern.  Sam, Dave, Shadley, should all enter this thing.  You can't just go out and pick up a Twitter Lee.  They are very rare and highly sought after. Anyone would want one in their collection.  Wait, I don't have one in my collection.  It's that rare!! So fire up the Twitter account, enter to win this one of a kind collectible, help spread the word about the upcoming event, and tell everyone you know that the person responsible for this contest should be publicly adorned as a Dukes of Hazzard virtuoso.

The contest runs until Friday, May 10 at noon eastern.  Check out the official rules at  Go enter!


  1. AH!!!! I've been busy and haven't been checking out my normal sites as often and missed the contest entry deadline! Bummer! I have four Twitter accounts too haha!