Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buckwheat Festival with Cooter and Dave Dewitt - This Saturday

This Saturday, 9/28/2013, I will be heading a little south to the Preston County Buckwheat Festival in our pal Dave DeWitt's backyard.  Dave worked very hard with his community leaders and they were able to get Cooter, Ben Jones, to be a special guest at the event.  Dave will also have his awesome mobile Dukes museum on display.

Dave will have a few friends there with Hazzard vehicles along with his own General Lee.  There is a parade at noon, Cooter's autograph session during the day, and the Garage Band will be performing at 7.  Come on down to Kingwood, WV and say hi.  It will be a great time.


  1. I would just love to say Thank you guys so much. It really was such a great pleasure to meet all of you there. Thanks for the random pictures. :) Hopefully you guys can come back next year. Can't wait to see the all the pictures from last night.

    Yours Truly,
    The Goonies and Ghostbusters!!!! :)

    1. I'm working on the next post now. It will be up soon. Great meeting you and so glad to hear you had fun. Those random pictures were so much fun to take, glad you thought they were funny and not annoying. I hope we can do it next year too. Loved the t-shirts!

    2. Hopefully next year there'll be an event even closer to home.