Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New York, New York! - Comic Con and Wopat/Schneider Concert

I'll be flying to the Big Apple a couple of times soon.  The first trip is this week for the New York Comic Con and then again in a few months to see our pals John and Tom for the big holiday Kickstarter concert!

New York Comic Con is going to be a lot of fun.

If anyone hasn't been paying attention, I'm a huge Hulkamaniac.  The man himself will be at NYCC and I finally get a chance to meet him.  I'll be getting a picture with Hulk Hogan and getting his autograph.  Here's hoping big things come of this.  Jeff is also going and we have some fun plans.  The whole FUBAR crew will be there.  If you are heading to NYCC, let me know through email or twitter and we'll meet up.  I'll have tons of DukesCollector cards to hand out.  If you can't make it and still want to check out the show, the ol' DukesCollector blog can be your online source for NYCC live video.  I've been granted permission to host live streams of the show right here.  They are embedded at the bottom of this post.  They will be live all weekend so come back and check it out. I'll post all the great pictures after the event.

We've gotten some recent updates about Tom Wopat and John Schneider's Christmas Album and concert.  The album will be titled "Home For Christmas" and the album cover is finished.  I'm loving the artwork.  You got the Gen'ral wrapped in a bow and Bo and Luke colored stockings.  They did a great job on this.  Just enough Dukes subtleties added in.  This is going to be exciting.  The album will be released on Oct. 28, and us Kickstarter backers should get them a little early.  I'll have a post all about it when I receive it.

The New York Kickstarter concert will be on December 2.  It will be held at Joe's Pub on Lafayette Street in New York City.  Kickstarter backers (like me) get will exclusive access to the meet and greet, but there will also be tickets available to the general public for the show.  When they go on sale, I will let the world know.  This is going to be a very much fun and unique show.  Even is you didn't get in on the KS project, you should still try to make it to the show.

Below are the live streams from the New York Comic Con.  Come on back during the event (10/9 - 10/12) to view all the fun.

Watch live video from NYCC on www.twitch.tv

Watch live video from NYCC2 on www.twitch.tv

Watch live video from Twitch on www.twitch.tv

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