Thursday, December 18, 2014

John Schneider and Tom Wopat at Barnes & Noble December 3, 2014

The night after the big Kickstarter concert, John and Tom performed a small concert in the Barnes & Noble on the Upper East Side in New York City.  It was another magical night.

Getting to see two small venue Bo and Luke Concerts in two nights would be great enough, but I got to see two sound checks on top of that.  Each sound check was like a personal concert.  Man, sometimes I wonder how I get so lucky.  Before the show started, I was just hanging around the store when John walked in.  He called me over, and we hung out in B&N for quite a while.  We talked about Nooks and cell phones, you know, normal tech talk.  It was pretty awesome.  I'm glad to report that John is an Android guy, and not an Apple guy.  It's the little things that make me happy.  I also showed him a picture of my Dukes of Hazzard swimming pool and he was quite impressed.  Man, did I have a great time!

The Barnes & Noble store had several levels.  The small event center was on the bottom floor.  John was pleasantly surprised at how nice the venue was.  He said he expected to be playing at the top of the escalator.  Tom knew what he was doing when he set this gig up.

It was a smaller musical ensemble than the night before, and Tom's musicians sure are talented.  He had his bass player, drummer, and  piano player, all fabulous.

The boys took some press shots before the show.

The photographers told Tom to do Zoolander, and he did.  He said he knew someone would use the picture.  

 The room sat around 75 people.

It filled up pretty quickly.  I was surprised that only Eric Kabakoff and I made it to both shows.We figured a lot of the Kickstarter backers had probably traveled for the show and then just went back home.  Or they just didn't know about this one.  I tried to let everyone know.  Eric is a new friend of the blog who  lives in NYC.  He is a baseball fanatic and has written several books on the sport. which were on sale in B&N. Cool.  Very glad I met Eric.  

John and Tom only sang five songs, but they were good ones.  They really brought the house down.

It is obvious that they really enjoy performing together.

The crowd loved the show.

Tom closed the show with his solo of "Home For Christmas."  It is a wonderful rendition filled with emotion.  An easy choice for the title track of the album.

After the show, the Dukes Boys hung around and signed a bunch of stuff, especially the Christmas album.

Everyone was very excited to get their autographs.

The family that loves the Dukes together, stays together.

There were a lot of great Dukes collectibles floating around.  You know I love talking to fellow collectors.

John mentioned that he enjoys signing records because they still play perfectly even if signed.  I never thought of that.  Good point John.

John even got Tom's autograph for his mother, Shirley.  John had a few other family members there and they all seemed to really enjoy the event.

I had to grab one more picture with my heroes.  It was another very successful event to promote "Home For Christmas."  With only a week before Christmas, you really should get the album if you haven't yet.  It is great.  I had so much fun hanging with John and Tom in New York.  Christmas came early for this Dukes Collector.  


  1. You did good. I'm happy for you and thank you for sharing your photos.

    1. Thanks, I always appreciate feedback, especially such pleasant feedback.

  2. Another great post from another great year for the blog. Happy Christmas Larry and all fellow Dukes collectors.