Friday, July 21, 2017

Limited Edition Lego Rosco's Patrol Car by C3Brix at Cooter's Last Stand

Cody did it again!  The one and only Cody Wells of C3Brix has created another limited edition Lego masterpiece for us crazy Dukes of Hazzard fans.  This time it's a Lego version of Rosco's Hazzard County Patrol Car and it will only be available at Cooter's Last Stand.

Just like the General Lee last year at the Grand Opening of Daisy Country, the Patrol Car is limited.  This time around there will only be 100 cars available, and I'm pretty sure they will go fast at the event.

The detail Cody put in to this car is amazing.  It looks just like it should.  The specially printed Sheriff logo piece really adds the fine detail to the car.

You can almost imagine a tiny Lego Flash riding shotgun inside.

Like the 01 piece on the General Lee, the badge on the door really makes the car special.  The fact that these pieces have printed logos, not just stickers are what make Cody's products so nice.  He really puts effort into them, and it shows.

The car is the same size as last year's General Lee.  I'm really glad that we now have Rosco's car to chase the Dukes boys around in.

I can just imagine a Lego Hazzard County Courthouse behind these two cars.  Hmm.... Hey Cody!

Just like last year at the Grand Opening of Daisy Country, the Cooter's Last Stand Limited Edition Lego Rosco's Hazzard County Patrol Car by C3Brix will come in tins that will be individually numbered.  The car and the tin make great display pieces.

Cody will, of course, be at Cooter's Last Stand and he's bringing some surprises.  He's created a very special Hazzard County Championship Wrestling Belt that I can't wait to see in person.  Cooter's Last Stand is going to be so much fun.  I can't wait until next week!!

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  1. did these sell out? or is there somewhere that they are available ?