Friday, November 15, 2013

Got a New Moto X by Motorola - and I Duked It Out

I am the kind of person who really loves his cellphone.  I really like to make it my own.  I have never had another phone brand, it's been Motorola since the beginning for me.  When Moto announced their new phone was all about customization, I knew it would be my next phone.  And I would make it all Dukes of Hazzard.  

They didn't have an all orange back option, but I think that would have been too much anyway.  I decided with the black back with orange accents.  I think it came out really nice.  I also added my own "signature" to the bottom.  

The buttons and the camera rim are the accents that are made of metallic orange.

The option to put an inscription is great, and my little tribute to Dukes is so subtle, but I think I like the standard inscription even better.  "Designed and Assembled in the USA."  That is awesome.  

I have been using the same background on each of my phones since 2005.  It is one of my favorite Dukes images.  It was fun firing up the old phones, especially the flip phones.  Unfortunately, the one on the left, the V710 didn't have any juice in the battery and it didn't have a standard charger.  The V750, on the right, had a nearly full battery.  Along with the Moto X in front is the Droid X in the back left and the Droid Bionic in the back right.  I actually broke the antennae off the V710 while filming the Dukes movie in 2005.  I forgot about that until I noticed the glue today while taking these pictures.

Customization, and "Duking" out a phone is something I've been doing for years.  It was a big deal that I could "hack" the front screen and put my own picture there when the phone is open.  I got a lot of comments about that back in the day.

I also added an animated gif to the front.  I said recently that I wanted to add more Dukes related videos to the blog.  This is merely a video of an animated gif, but hey, it's something.

All of my phones have had the Dixie horn notify me when I get a text message.  It usually raises some eyebrows, except when I'm at a Dukes event.  At Dukesfest 2004, though, I was the only one who had that feature.

A day and a half in, I really like my new Moto X.  It has really cool features like touchless voice control, and active display.  I could talk phones for a long time, but this is a Dukes of Hazzard blog, and this is a Dukes of Hazzard phone.

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