Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 11/14/2013 - Folders, Blankets, KITT, It's a Doozy

Did some Dukes shopping, got a whole bunch of stuff.

I bought so much that I even got to take home the bin.  When is the last time I bought a bin full of stuff?  You can only do that at Pop Culture Connection.  That place is better each time I go there.  I see big things in the future for our pal Jeremy, trust me.  This load of Dukes came mostly from Pop Culture, but I made a few other stops nearby as well.  

I go a ton of WriteRight folders and two notebooks.  Some are duplicates and they are all in great shape. These things get pretty rare.  I know I have several of these already, but it never hurts to have more.  If you are in dire need of one, let me know.

Three Boss Hoggs!!

These notebooks are the smaller versions.

They are quite small compared to the folder.  There is a larger notebook that is the standard school tablet size.  I have a bunch of these bad boys now.

This watch is the same one I already have in package.  Funny story, someone contacted me through the site and said they make their living buying storage lockers.  They found this watch in it and didn't know what to do with it.  I said send it my way and they did.  I bet they found some interesting things.  I asked them what their most interesting find was and they said they paid $100 for a locker that contained a baby grand piano. They sold the piano for two grand.  Pretty cool.

This item came with the haul from Pop Culture.  I didn't really want it, but it was a package deal.  These are fan made beads from a Dukes event.  I have seen several versions at different fests.

This is the General Lee Finger Racer.  It is rare to find one with the launcher.  It's in very good shape.

Along with the finger racer, I picked up a two Wrist Racers, a General and a Rosco.  I have a bunch of these, but only one or two launchers.  These are also in great shape.

I like that the mold was made specifically for Rosco's Police Car.  It looks just like his car from the show. We haven't had too many great representations of his car in the Modern Era.

I stopped at another toy store in Greensburg that specializes in mostly video games and picked up this lunchbox cheap.  That was the third Toy/Antique store we visited in Greensburg that day.  Why are there so many great stores in that town?  I got a heck of a deal on this thing.  Couldn't pass it up.

I got this belt buckle at Jeremy's.  These buckles have eluded me in the past.  Not sure why.  I like them, and I'll have to get the others.

It has the copyright info and year on a sticker on the back.  1980 huh?  A year earlier than most items.

I got this footie pajama thing online.  Not 100% certain it isn't just a pajama set that someone sewed a Dukes patch onto.  I have seen similar Dukes one though.  Any thoughts fellow Dukes Collectors?

I told Jeremy that I already had all the Dukes trays and he might want to keep this one in store for another Dukes enthusiast that may wonder in, but he insisted I take it.  That's nice of him.  Anyone need a Dukes tray?  Nearly perfect shape.

This is an odd piece that he pulled out of the back.  It is an unlicensed shirt that was autographed by John Schneider at some point.  Then framed.  Package deal and came home with me.  Ok dokey.

It is definitely John's signature.  I'd recognize that anywhere.

Now the majority of that bin was filled with Dukes bedding.  I got a ton of it.  Pictured here is a beadspread, fitted sheet, sheet, pillow cases, and several window curtains.  Once the museum is up and running, all this stuff will come in very handy.  I can't wait.

This is the cream of the crop.  It is a very rare Dukes fleece.  The only other ones I have seen have been incredibly faded.  Jeremy told me about this over the phone and I was hoping it was this one.  I lucked out.
It is pretty big and would keep you quite warm.  The colors are vibrant and it's in great shape.  I am very happy to add it to the collection.  It has five different designs that have been used on other items.  I really like this blanket.

I like that Rosco and the Hazzard County Police get as much love as the Dukes.

And finally I picked up the 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Knight Rider KITT ornament.  I saw it in the store a while ago and decided not to buy it.  But once the 2014 General Lee ornament was announced, I knew I had to get this one so I could compare them next year.  The package is similar to all the other ornaments and not Knight Rider specific.

I think this is an item specific blurb about KITT.  I wonder if they will write something new next year for the best TV car.

The car has nice detail, and it seems they really worked hard to make it right.

I like the little Hallmark crown symbol on the bottom.  This really gets me excited for next year's General Lee.

The car is almost twice the size as a 1/64 car.  Here it is with the standard Hot Wheels KITT.

The ornament features lights and sounds.  It has the standard "I am the voice of Knight Industries Two Thousand..." that has been used on the 2012 SDCC Exclusive, the Diamond Select Voice Car, and a few other items.   The scanner light feature is only made up of two little lights, but they do fade and I think it does the effect nicely.  How come most of my videos on this blog have to do with Knight Rider?  I need to do more Dukes videos...hmmm, what can I video around here?

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