Friday, October 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Hazzard Style in 2014 - Hallmark Unveils a General Lee Ornament

Woohoo!! Another Dukes of Hazzard product announcement!  For the Christmas season NEXT YEAR, Hallmark will have a General Lee for us to hang on our trees.  The ornament was announced at the New York Comic Con last week (that Jeff attended but didn't make it to the Hallmark Booth.)  I have been hoping Hallmark would treat us Dukes fans.  The last few years, they released DeLoreans, Batmobiles, Ecto-1, KITT, and they even have the Family Truckster from Vacation available this year.  When we stumbled upon the extremely hard to find Hallmark Dukes of Hazzard Birthday Card earlier this year, I had hope that the General Lee would find its way to the Hallmark pegs.  Our wishes were answered.

The wheels and 01s looks very accurate.  Professor McGonagoll doesn't look too happy.

The barn busting motif seems to be a clever way to hide the flag.  At least they aren't plain old taking it off. This is only a prototype, but there is a little red, white, and blue visible up there.  The push bar looks great too.

I can't wait to get several of these cars.  Many Hallmark ornaments have light and sound features.  Even the Family Truckster plays "Holiday Road."  The theme, or more likely the Dixie Horn would be a great addition to this piece.  Time will tell.  The ornaments usually get released around early fall for the following Christmas season.  This time next year, we will be on the watch for this bad boy.

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