Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 10/23/2013

Got some new Dukes stuff, so let's dive in. 

I recently met two local Dukes fans that live pretty close by.  We met through my pal Jeremy of Pop Culture Connection.  The mother and daughter duo have been fans of the Dukes for a long time and I really enjoyed meeting with them and sharing stories.  We talked about different trips to Dukes events and meeting cast members.  It was great getting to know them and I look forward to meeting with them again.  They sold me a few nice items.  The first one is this unique poster.  I bought it already framed.  It is a nice fold out poster that may have come in a school magazine.  It is different from most as it is a school themed poster.  Maybe this hung in a classroom in 1981.  I wish I'd been in that classroom.

I also bought this View Master reel set.  I really have to figure out which ones I have and don't have.

My new friends went to Dukesfest 2005 in Nashville.  This is a Dukesfest I didn't attend because of CMT and the fact that I had just lost the huge CMT Dukes fan contest.  My new friends said they had a blast. They picked up this copy of the Loafer celebrating Dukesfest.  The loafer is described as Northeast Tennessee's only Arts & Entertainment weekly magazine.  It has a few Dukes related articles including one about Ben's loathing of the Dukes movie.  Good memories.

EDIT: Our good friend, Jim Wilson reminded me that Dukesfest 2005 was in Bristol, not Nashville.  Whoops.

Speaking of the Dukes movie.  I picked up yet another copy of it.

This is the same release of both the movie and the horrid prequel that I already have, but it was really cheap and had a different cardboard slip cover than I have seen before.

The back of the slip cover and the DVD box are basically the same.  Wonder why this cover didn't come on most of the releases.

This is a cool Golden Era wallet.  I got it on ebay where the market was totally flooded with them recently. A single seller must have found a case of them or something cause there have been so many on there.  I waited it out and got it for about half the price of what the first few went for.  Glad I didn't jump on one right away
Both the wallet and package are in perfect condition.  There is nothing on the back of the package.

The wallet is made by Adam Joseph Industries, Inc. which seems also to have made wallets, stamps, and other toys with the Star Wars license.  That's all I could find online.

And finally we have this gem.  New item alert!  This is the brand new Dukes of Hazzard coffee mug.  Shown here is the front and back.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I did buy an extra to actually use.  I've already used it, and it was the best chocolate cookies and milk I ever had.

Made by Silver Buffalo, the same company that made the mysterious Dukes of Hazzard Pint Glasses, this item is actually available for purchase.  In that post about the pint glasses, I shared a prototype picture of this mug.  It only changed slightly as the Dukes logo is bigger and the General Lee text is smaller.  I'm glad this item made it through to production.  It is inexpensive online, so every Dukes fan out there should get one. They make great gifts.


  1. I'm surprised to see the doors of the General open on the poster.