Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 2/12/2013 - Rush's stuff and Dukes birthday card

Another great trip to Greensburg, PA and another slew of new Dukes items.  A couple of the items came from Pop Culture Connection, but most came from close friend of the blog Rush Pedder.

Rush spotted this new (modern era) Hallmark Dukes of Hazzard birthday card at a local grocery store.  It is much bigger than a standard greeting card and has a "pop-out" function.  The General on the front is embossed.  It has Hallmark's logo as well as (s11) which might mean 2011 because there is no date on it.  When Rush told me about this card, I thought I would be able to find my own.  I pictured myself giving it to everyone I knew on their birthday.  Then I went to buy it and did not have any luck.  I went to the same grocery store chain and every Hallmark mall store and Gold Crown store I could find.  I called Hallmark and the grocery store distributor and no one knew a thing about it.  You would think the fact that I had the UPC number would help me.  But according to Hallmark, this thing does not exist.  Rush went back and apparently picked up the  world's only copy of the card and now it's a part of the collection.  I'm sure there are more out there, but I can't find them.  So glad I have this one.  Here is my first thank you to Rush.

Rush also hooked me up with a bunch of his Dukes items that he wanted to add to the collection.  First off we have a few random trading cards, and pack-in cards from the 1/144 series.  Also a Micro Machine that looks similar to a orange Charger, and a small rebel flag and key chain.

Next is a record single of the theme song.  Love that old RCA logo with the dog.

This is one of the four TV Guides.  It's in pretty good shape.  I can't find the city information on it.  Wonder if they had non specific issues as well as regional ones.

I have this Dynamite magazine, but it's always good to have extras.

Rush said he built this model a long time ago.  It needs a little TLC, but it's found the right place for that.

He also offered this Ecto-1 model to me.  Sure I took it.  He did a good job on the build.

I don't love "The Beginning" movie.  But it was free.

This is a nice hat from Cooter's.

I find it odd that it says Cooter's Garage and not Place.  Maybe it's rarer.  But can a modern era item be rare?

Rush also gave me a shirt from Cooter's Place.  Or Garage.

This item is really interesting.  It is the May, 2005 issue of Pittsburgh Rock Press.  It features John and Tom on the cover.  I live near Pittsburgh, but I missed this when it was released in the biggest year the Dukes had since the 80s.

It has an interview with Tom first.  He discusses his Broadway, Jazz, and acting careers.  It's a nice article.

I really like the photos used for the background of John's interview.  I have seen both of these photos several times before, but never juxtaposed against each other like this.  Good job Pittsburgh Rock Press.

Finally Rush gave me the final of his awesome blue binders.  These bad boys are a wealth of information.  This one has so much information on different Dukes fan clubs and is meticulously collected.  Rush has label tabs and everything.  It is interesting to find out the history of Dukes events and fans before the internet.  I kind of kept my love of the Dukes to myself back then, at least to the outside world.  I just didn't know there were others like me out there.  And I was in junior high.  I found the internet pretty early.

There are newsletters from Tom's and John's respective fan clubs as well.  Just so much information.  I feel like I should have an "Archive Section" when I do get all this stuff displayed:  The Rush Pedder Dukes of Hazzard Research Library.

Jeremy from Pop Culture Connection also gave me a few great items.  He discovered several of the really thick coloring books on one of his recent expeditions.  If you are in need of one, contact his store.

He also gave me one of these tiny TV shaped Dukes pins.  I wonder how these were sold when new.  Just on a shelf near the check out counter?  Some questions may never be answered.

It was a great day,  I got all this great stuff, and I didn't pay a penny for it.  I love having this blog.  I can't thank Rush enough.  He is a true Dukes fan, and I really enjoy talking to him about the hobby.  And it's always fun visiting Pop Culture Connection.  Thanks again guys.

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