Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 2/6/2013 - Folders, 1/64s and a new White Lightning

More new stuff!

I got five golden era 1/64 Boss Hogg's Cadillacs from Ertl.  They only released the General Lee and Boss's Caddy on a single card like this.  All of the other cars came in multi-packs.

These are in perfect shape.  Four of the five still have the tab in place where the card is perforated so it can hang on the store peg.  This is known to collectors as "un-punched."

The back of the card has a nice paragraph unique to this car.  I wish JL did that with the newer diecasts.

This is an item I wasn't sure existed.  Dave DeWitt and I debated over it.  It is a golden era 1/64 two-pack with the General and Rosco's car.

The two-pack with Boss's Caddy is rare enough.  This General/Rosco pack obviously has a damaged card, but I bought it just to prove its existence.

The General/Caddy pack has a serial number 1572 and the General/Rosco pack has 1571.  The Rosco one must have come out first.

I'm gonna need Sam's expertise to tell me which country the General Lee comes from.

I don't think I've seen to many Rosco cars with the full decal like this.  The card seems to have the same roof  picture with the boys as the Caddy card.  I wonder if it had a picture of Rosco in place of the picture of Boss Hogg.  I'm going to have to keep looking for one that has the complete card.

I also go some new golden era school folders and notebooks.  I have to be getting close to completing this set.  The top picture shows two different sized spiral notebooks and two of the same folders all with the same image of Daisy. The second picture has another folder with Bo and Luke on it.  I have six other folders that are all different.  The image of the boys was also used on the drawing pad.

They are made by WriteRight. 

And I was lucky enough to find a White Lightning version of the new #99 Cooter's Camaro.  Just like the Rosco's Police Car, the attributes that make it a White Lightning are the obvious white wheels as well as the gold rims.  Some say these are one in a hundred, so I'm glad I didn't have to pay through the nose to get mine.  I have the Rosco and this one, so I just need to find a WL 00 Mustang.


  1. The General Lee was only a 2 pack with the Caddy-The only time that Ertl put a 2 pack with a police car was with Smokey and the Bandit

    1. The existence of the two pack in the pictures above says otherwise. It is incredible rare, but obviously it was made.