Monday, March 4, 2013

New Stuff - 3/4/2013 - Dukes Onesie, new KITT Voice Car

Got some new items to show off.  Mostly Dukes but one Knight Rider.

Let's start off with this faux General Lee Lightning Strike.  In the Dukes line by Johnny Lightning, each car had a white lightning version.  There was a General in each series, so they got creative with the WLs.  The last one in the line was green.  But, they never released any lightning strikes.  The only Dukes lightning strike is the 1/24 General Lee with orange wheels.  This is a custom that popped up on ebay.  Someone opened a standard series 1 General and applied orange wheels on it.  The seller made sure everyone knew it was a custom and did not try to mislead anyone.  Though I am usually not in to customs, I liked the look of this one and nabbed it.  They did a very good job opening the package to get the car out and back in.  Its a cool addition to the JL collection.

I got yet another four car set of Ertl 1/64 cars.  This one has the same combination of cars from the set I believe to be the original set, but it has the more common non-labeled box.  I'm convinced these were mostly random combinations.  All of the ones I've seen have a General and any number of other cars.  I even have one without a General in it.  This box is in the nicest condition of any that I have.

When I think of rare items that I don't have, I think of the tennis shoes, the pencil cup, the pedal car.  I never imagined the onesie.  This is a General Lee onesie still in its original box.  This thing is crazy.

It still has the original tag that reads "birth to 13 lbs."  I've never seen an item like this and I'm super excited to add it to the collection.  When items like this pop up that come out of nowhere, it makes me love this hobby even more.

I've been waiting for this bad boy since May.  It's the Entertainment Earth Exclusive Diamond Select Knight Rider 1/15 KITT voice car.  It is released elsewhere, but EE's exclusive comes with a 3 3/4" Michael Knight figure.  I couldn't get the regular version, I had to have the figure.

The box is the same as the standard version, but has an EE sticker.  It lists many features.  The side of the box even says the car has a molecular bonded shell.  Someone did their homework.

It is a great representation of everyone's second favorite car.  The scanner light goes back and forth, the tail lights flash,and the dash lights up.  It has the correct wheels, nose, and even has a license plate that switches tags.  KITT looks great.

The figure is...ok.  The body construction is very well done, but the face isn't great.  The face is a little bloated and only barely resembles the Hoff.  But I'm not complaining, it's a new Micheal Knight figure and I love it.

He looks good behind the wheel.

KITT even has his signature T-tops.

I recorded all of the sound effects and voice clips.  It is a very loud toy and William Daniels sounds good.

There is a feature where you can leave the scanner light and sound playing, good job Diamond Select.

KITT and Michael must have stopped in Hazzard County.

Nice hood slide Luke, Bo the doors do open.  Wait, what are you guys doing...?

COME BACK!! Why does everyone around here always jack KITT?!??!

Diamond Select, I asked this several times before, and we argued about it in person at SDCC, but after playing with this new Knight Rider car and figure, I am pleading with you...PLEASE make Dukes of Hazzard toys.  PLEEEEASE!


  1. That KITT car is awesome!

    Was there ever a Dukes and Knight Rider crossover? If there wasn't, then there should have been.

  2. Great looking photos and a good write up! I have the car with the figure too! Although the figure is out of scale with the car, its still a cool toy to have as your photos clearly show it...!!!