Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 3/12/2013 - Golden Era Diecasts and lunchbox

Got three new items, all from the golden era.

First is the fabled plastic lunchbox.  Contrary to most hobbies, the plastic lunchbox is rarer than the metal version and worth more.  This one is a little beat up, and maybe had a tough life, but it finally found its way home.  The sticker on the front portrays the same graphic as the metal lunch box.

Aladdin seems to be the big name in lunchboxes.  I wonder if they got to make a Disney's Aladdin Aladdin lunchbox.  This plastic one is dated 1981 where as the metal is dated 1980.

This is an original Ertl 1/25 diecast General Lee.  One of the most important Dukes collectibles.  This is the version made in the U.S.A. with the "Try it!" box.  

The stickers aren't perfectly applied.  It seems they might have even slid back over the years.

The top of the box has the filmstrip theme with the college jump scene and a two-shot of the boys.  

The back has the same theme with another two-shot and my favorite group shot.

It is quite a different box than the version made in Hong Kong, on the left.  It has the same pictures, but in different places and only one has the filmstrip outline.  As advertised, the quality die cast metal has lasted.  My grandmother bought me the one on the left when I was about four, and kept it in the box.

The backs are different too.  It has the same text, but the Hong Kong version has that backwoods feeling picture on it that I just don't like.

I also picked up the Ertl diecast Daisy's Jeep.  This car was made in Taiwan.  Weird, three Ertl diecasts from 1981 all made in different countries.  Lasting quality die-cast metal though, that's for sure.  I've had one of these since the beginning, but not one in the box.

This box utilizes a lovely picture of Daisy and a three-shot that is also used on the Dukes guitars.  The Jeep is sealed to the box using plastic, unlike the General Lee that is screwed to the bottom of the box.

The back uses the same picture as the front. and includes the same text as the General's box, just with Daisy's name switched for the boys.  Bo looks angry in this picture.  Bo was never angry.

Though not exactly the same design, it is closer to the Hong Kong General than the U.S.A. one.

I've bought quite a few golden era Ertl cars lately.  I've been lucky to find so many.  I love collecting Dukes stuff.

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  1. To be fair, I think we've both seen Bo angry once or twice.