Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 3/26/2013 - Bubble Gum Bank and new T-Shirts

Got a few new items to show off.  Some old and some new.

This is a single sheet of puffy stickers from way back when.  They usually come packaged, but this is a loose sheet.  I really like the artwork for the General Lee.  They are all nice stickers.

I have been after a Bubble Gum Bank for a while.  I have been outbid on boxed banks several times.  This one isn't perfect, but it displays very nicely.  

Several of the round stickers on the base are damaged, and a few aren't there.  

Unfortunately, the base was damaged during shipping.  The ebay seller was very nice to deal with and gave me a partial refund.  I had another transaction go sour recently and it was refreshing that this seller was so understanding and easy to work with.  Thanks big_700_baseball.  

Though the base isn't perfect, the main part of the bank is great.  The logo pops out of the tire, and everyone knows this is my favorite group shot.  I really like this item.

Our favorite purveyor of retro T-shirts, 80stees.com has a few new Dukes shirts.  When they get new Dukes shirts, I buy them immediately.  The first one has the same three shot used on the guitar and TV tray.  I mentioned this recently, Bo looks mean in this one.  But I really like the shirt.  It has a nice soft feel.  

The other shirt is bluer than it looks in this picture.  It has the artwork used on the original album cover.  It is also soft.  Perhaps I will wear these to the  Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair and the Dukes Family Festival.  

Both shirts are made by Ripple Junction.  They also make Arrested Development shirts.  So they are A1 in my book.  

I really like the tags used on these shirts.  It is odd that they are so similar but barely different.  Regardless, I really like them.  I haven't seen that picture of the General Lee used on products since the Golden Era.  

The back of the tag is pretty standard.  These are great shirts.  Head on over to 80stees.com and buy them today.  Tell 'em Larry sent ya.  They won't have any idea what that means and it will get you no kind of preferential treatment whatsoever, but it will make me happy.


  1. Those puffy stickers are really cool. The General Lee art is the same one that was used on one of the original kids shirts too! I'll have to find a picture of it.