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Holiest of Holy Grails: Dukes of Hazzard Children's Tennis Shoes

Holy Grails, the pencil cup, the rain coat, the shelf, the sidewalk bike, the bath mat.  I have been fortunate enough to add all of these items to the collection over the last couple of years since I started this blog.  It seems before the blog got rolling, these items were pipe dreams.  Maybe I've stepped it up since starting the blog, maybe I've just been lucky, perhaps the notoriety has added to my good fortune.  I have really added great entries to the collection.  In my opinion, the pinnacle of commercially produced, Golden Era Dukes of Hazzard collectibles, A number one, top of the list, king of the hill piece is the Children's Tennis Shoes.
These little town blues melted away recently when I added a pristine pair of Dukes shoes to my collection. These truly are the holiest of holy grails.

Like other scarce items such as the bicycle and bath mat, if the shoes were used, it is in their nature not to last.  This particular pair was never even tried on.  The individual shoes are still coupled together with plastic wire.  The colors are so vibrant and they are so flawless, they look brand new.

It surprises me that they are blue with orange accents, and not orange like the General Lee.

The General Lee is clearly the subject of the shoes, not the Duke Boys or Daisy.  These seem like they could be worn by either Good Ol' Boys or Good Ol' Girls.

The liner of the shoes is printed with "The Dukes of Hazzard" repeating throughout the entire inside.  That is a very nice added touch.  I would love to surround my feet with such wonderful words.

If the side of your shoes feature 01s, the tongue should feature the confederate flag.  It's only natural.  It also includes the title and WB's copyright information 1982.

This particular pair of shoes is size 1½ .  In my mind it's size 01½.  That printing on the sole would have been worn off in about a day.

These pristine shoes still have the tag attached to the wire between them.  The tag has a great drawing of the General jumping with the flag behind it.

The back of the tag doubles as an Identification Card.  Dukes footwear enthusiasts are encouraged to jot down their name, address, and phone number in case they forget this pertinent information.

The bottom of the shoes even has an embossed scene of the General Lee jumping over two crashing Hazzard County patrol cars.  I bet they left awesome prints in the dirt.  Imagine if I saw these prints on the ground today.  I'm not sure what I would do.

The heel includes the standard text logo.

This is a lot of detail for the bottom of a shoe.  I'm sure this picture wore out pretty quickly when these shoes were worn as well.

The back of the tongue has a confusing tag.  I'm not sure what S.C.A.I. stands for, but these shoes, referred to here as "Dukes TM" are manufactured to the exact specifications of it.  The "Dukes TM" name and side configurations are indications that the product is of highest quality.  I feel the Dukes name indicates highest quality on everything produced, except that horrible "Beginnings" movie.

Like most shoes, the Dukes shoes came in a shoebox.  This pair came with its original shoebox and it is in great condition.  It features artwork of the General flying in front of the flag.  It is the same image on the tag, but positioned differently.

The top of the box has an image of the top of Rosco's car.  In case you wanted to carry your new shoes home, or perhaps re-purpose your shoebox, the lightbar on top of the police car is popped out with a plastic strap that can be used as a handle.  This is a unique and unexpected feature.  The actual piece of cut out cardboard with the print of the lightbar is still in the box.

The bottom of the box features more of the artwork where the police car came from.  It also feature Boss's Caddy and a piece of the General and Dixie.  It is strange how this shot isn't cropped to show the whole scene.

Each side of the box is the same.  It has the flag, logo, stock number and a sticker for the shoe size.  The color is printed as R. Blue/Orange.  I bet the R stands for Royal.

When the shoes were shipped to the store, they were wrapped in Dukes of Hazzard printed tissue paper. This pair of shoes still has this paper in the box.  This might be the most delicate addition to the collection.  I can't believe I'm so happy to have tissue paper.  This is the complete package.

I found this 1/18 car case laying around.  It makes a great display for the shoes.  I think I'll keep them in there for a while.

In this picture we have three incredibly rare Dukes of Hazzard items.  They are all from the Golden Era and are all recent additions to the collection that I probably wouldn't have acquired if it wasn't for this blog. Thanks DukesCollector!!!

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  1. I have 2 of the shoeboxes in very good condition. Do you have any idea what they would be worth? I don't have the shoea. I would appreciate any information you can share with me. Thanks please email me at