Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Dukes Stuff - 7/10/2014 - Movie Lobby Cards, Party Blowers, More

I've picked up some really interesting and different items recently.  And supplemented some other parts of the collection.  Let's take a look.

I love unique foreign items.  That's exactly what these are.  These pictures are called lobby cards.  I guess they were given to French movie theaters to promote the movie.

They came in a cool envelope that I didn't expect.  To me, the envelope is as interesting as the photos. Sherif Fais-Moi Peur seems to translate to Sheriff of Hazzard.  But it literally translates to Sheriff do I fear.  Which is weird.  The French dubbed version of the show used the same title.  I wonder why the French title focuses on Rosco.

Each picture uses a familiar promotional image from the movie that we've seen in other ads and materials.

They each have the title Sherif Fais-Moi Peur Le Film on the bottom.

As well as Warner Bros' information and logo.

The opposite side also has Village Roadshow Pictures logo on it.  They distributed the movie along with WB.  I love promotional stuff.  These are a great addition to the movie section of the Dukes collection.

Sometimes I stumble on items on ebay that I can't pass up.  They are priced low and I bid early.  When no one outbids me, I feel like I'm getting a steal.  This is one such item.  It is the Ertl Golden Era diecast Daisy's Jeep.

It's not in the best shape.  The windshield is bent and the body is a beat up, but it still looks nice.  I have a few of these already.  The big mistake on this release is "Daisy" on the hood instead of "Dixie."  This mistake has been made several times on different releases of Daisy's Dixie Jeep.

Everyone's favorite local auctioneer, John Peters, is always on the lookout for Dukes stuff for me.  He found this lap tray recently.  It's beat and rusty, but has that great patina to it.  Just like the lunchbox he found for me some time ago.

One of the best parts of running this blog is that I not only get to tell people which Dukes items I have, but I also mention which items I don't currently have in my collection.  In my post about Dave DeWitt's delightful Dukes of Hazzard museum on wheels, I brought up the fact that the party blowers are the only item in the party supplies line that I don't have.  A blog reader noticed this and emailed me that he had them and offered them to me.  Awesome.  I now have the complete party supply collection.  Other items I am looking for are the kid's jeans, Daisy Duke girl's tennis shoes, Cooter's Garage popup bed tent, and the big wheel power cycles if anyone else is paying attention.

These party blowouts sure are cool.  They are made of super thin plastic and paper, so I'm sure none that were opened back then survived.  They are incredibly rare.

These were originally purchased from Child World for $1.98.  Child World was a competitor to Toys 'R Us and operated from 1970 to 1992.

The artwork used was the same on the hats, napkins, and other supplies.  These blowouts were made by C. A. Reed out of Williamsport, PA, the home of the Little League World Series.

The General Lee artwork on the actual blowout is also commonly used.  I bet these things didn't last until the end of the party.  They had to be thrown away pretty quickly.  I am very excited to finally have them in my collection.

For an item I just found out existed, I now have two copies of the Dukes of Hazzard video game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

When I first found it May, I bought the only one on ebay.  It was a beat up copy with the trademark Elite hologram torn off.  I recently picked up another that is in better condition.  It was also surprisingly inexpensive.

With the hype from the original reviews saying the Elite'e biggest accomplishment until this game was the hologram they added to their packaging, I was a little let down when I finally saw the hologram.  But I guess it is from 1985.  Really cool holograms didn't start showing up for a few more years on things like Marvel trading cards.  Those holograms were amazing.  This copy of the game came in a black case back.  I wonder if this is the original case.  

My final addition in this post is the third and final original belt buckle.  This one features a commonly used shot of Bo and Luke above the General's flag.  This image was used on many toy packages early on.

This one has a 1981 WB sticker on the back.  The sticker is different than the one on the back of the Daisy buckle that also has "The Dukes of Hazzard" on it.

I now have all three of these Golden Era belt buckles.

It is interesting that all three are slightly different.

It seems I've completed several mini collections with these items I've recently added to the collection.  I love when that happens.

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