Friday, September 19, 2014

New Dukes Stuff - 9/19/2014 - Wopat's New Album, New Custom 1/64s and More

Another heap of new Dukes of Hazzard items has arrived and it's time to take a look at them.

The first item up for bid, wait this isn't the Price is Right.  The first item to check out is this quirky rip off General Lee.  It looks like a 70s Caddy or Rivera dressed in the Gen'ral's uniform.  The 09 has a very accurate font.

I believe it says power because it is a rev-up car.

These random toy companies really wanted to capitalize on the Dukes' popularity.  This car seems to be just a repainted and redressed re-release of previously released toy.

It is a little smaller than 1/25 scale, as compared to the new AW snap kit.

Every collector should know an auctioneer.  It just makes things easier.  Great buddy, John Peters, of Fred Peters Auctioneers is my go to in the auction world.  Just like before, he is always finding me Dukes items that have patina.  This time around is a late '90s model kit.  Notice the lack of flag on the box.  The first re-release of this model in 1997 had the flag, but it was quickly removed, then oddly enough put back on.  Oh, Dukes products and rebel flags, you are so confusing.

Here is the new AW model kit next to the late '90s version.

The kit is somewhat put together, but includes some paint.  Score!  Keep up the great work John. You've earned that 01 hat I gave you.

Next up is a rare plastic lunch box in great condition.  This thing is nearly mint.  

It is in much better condition than the last one I picked up.  The plastic versions are more rare than the metal lunch boxes in the Dukes world because fewer were released and they came out toward the end of the show.  Most people assume the metal is more rare like it is in the rest of the world.

I wrap up this post with with good ol' Tom Wopat's latest album.  I was lucky to score the limited deluxe double LP of "I've Got Your Number."  Records are so cool and retro.

This presentation is impressive.  There is so much to read and enjoy.  You really miss out on all this great stuff when you download music.  You get all this plus great music when you go old school.

The double LP actually has six bonus songs from Tom's last album "Consider It Swung."  You get twenty songs!  This is the first album that Tom has released on vinyl in twenty years.

Here is Tom's first album and his latest, both on vinyl.  Besides the different hair style, Tom hasn't changed a bit!

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