Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Surprise From Our Pals at Auto World: A New Black 1/18 General Lee

I love surprises.  I am no-spoilers kind of guy.  I really love Dukes of Hazzard surprises.  Our good friend Gregg over at Auto World laid a nice Dukes surprise on me recently and I very happy I can share it with the world.  AW has a new black 1/18 General Lee on the way, and it looks to be the best one yet.  Here is AW's info:

"AutoWorld is taking Dukes fans back to where it all began before the General Lee was the General Lee with this 1/18-scale Authentics 1969 Dodge Charger in black with newly tooled steel wheels as seen in the season 7 premiere episode "Happy Birthday General Lee". The party starts March 2015."

We all know from Auto World's General Lee that they don't skimp on details.  This thing will have all kinds of goodies.  Maybe we can convince Gregg and AW to hide a 1/18 bag of gold dust behind the panel just like the crooks, Rick and Ginny, did in the episode.  It will be nice to have the ability to open the doors this time and get a better look at the detail.

This thing is going to be awesome.

The Gen'ral has been released in black several times before in 1/18 and other scales.  Every time it has been released in the past, it has come with standard General Lee Vector wheels.  We all know that the black Charger driven by Rick and Ginny at the beginning of the flashback episode didn't have the iconic wheels yet.  They weren't added until after Cooter got a hold of the wreck and worked his magic.  AW's new version will have the correct steel wheels.  This will be the most accurate version of the "Happy Birthday General Lee" Charger released.  Gregg said that these photos are of the prototype and there will be some changes made.  The dash panel, engine coloring, and removal of the front plate will all be addressed.  In AW's quote, it is mentioned that it will be released in March.  I'll be sure to have a cake ready!

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