Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014: A Surprise Hit: Mrs. Doubtfire

Admittedly I didn't put as much into this year's Halloween costume as I normally do, and didn't think it would get the response it did.  I was wrong.

I was a little busy this month preparing for my meeting with Hulk Hogan, and busy afterward working on the proposed project.  I didn't even decide on a costume until after the middle of October, where I'm usually working on it before the month begins.

I like to do costumes that are very recognizable.  I go with icons such as the Joker Nurse, Captain Jack Sparrow, Macho Man Randy Savage, David Hasselhoff, and of course, the Hulkster.  Last year I added to that list with the Terminator.  I was worried that I wasn't going to think of something on the level of past costumes.  When I decided to go with Mrs. Doubtfire, I still wasn't sure it was up there with the others...until I went out last night.  It sure was a hit.

The costume give-away is the burnt chest from the cooking scene in the movie.  It is that detail that differentiates my Mrs. Doubtfire from "Larry as an old lady."  I picked up the shirt, sweater, and skirt from Goodwill for eight bucks.

The wig was the most expensive part of the costume.  Considering how expensive the prosthetic light-up face was last year for the Terminator, this costume was a bargain.  I happen to find some old pot lids that were the perfect props for the costume.  It seems I made this face all night.  The final addition was the famous "Heellllooooo" that I practiced leading up to Halloween.  I also threw in a couple "Help Is On The WAAYYYY!!"s from time to time.  That was the extent of my Robin Williams quotes.

Chad and his buddies loved my costume.  When I got down to see them, I was feeling like this may be pretty good.  Chad never disappoints.  This year he pulled off a great Richard Simmons.

Some other friends were Catwoman and Wilford.

Rob throws a great Halloween party each year, and he loves this Wilford costume.

Once people started rolling in to the bar, they all liked my Mrs. Doubtfire.  Humpty Hump did a good job.  He was the first person I didn't know who said how much he liked the costume.  Thanks Shock G.

I did't take a huge number of pictures, but there were some fun costumes out.  Here is Arthur from the PBS series.

Man, I have a lot of taco pictures on this blog.

Some friends dressed as Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber, and they nailed it.

They understand that props make the costume.  They brought along their Samsonite (not Swanson!)

Inside, it was full of IOUs that included "beer" and "bar cover" ...very nice touches.

I did some wandering outside on the Southside of Pittsburgh.  It made me so happy how many people loved my costume.  I took so many pictures with people, I wish I would have had my camera out each time.  I'll probably show up on a few people's feeds.  Here I am with a Price is Right contestant.  He bid one dollar.

There was no contest at the bar where we celebrated, but if there was, I bet I would have had a good shot at it.  I was leery of the response I might get from the costume, but I was wrong.  Mrs Doubtfire was a hit.  Oddly enough, this is the third costume I've worn when the actor passed away earlier that year.  I did it before with Heath Ledger's Joker, and Macho Man Randy Savage.  It's my way of honoring their impact to pop culture.  Thanks Robin Williams, you are missed.

One costume I was really hoping I would see was Twisty from the current season of American Horror Story: Freak Show.  I've really been enjoying AHS and this clown is probably the scariest clown I've ever seen.  This Halloweener did a great job as there is no official costume available (though I'm sure there will be next year).  My only critique is that he could have been dirtier.

He played the part great too,  He wasn't there to party, he just walked around, freaking people out. He didn't talk and just bowed and performed for people.  He did a great job.  You scared a lot of people Twisty, mission accomplished.

As always, Natalie, Katie, and my mom really helped out with my costume.  Thanks guys!  Happy Halloween!


Yep, at Rob's party, they lit me on fire!

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