Thursday, March 12, 2015

WWE Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh 3/9/2015

Me and Chad went to WWE Raw Monday night and had a blast.  We had great seats right behind the announce table and we were basically on TV all night.

The shows leading up to Wrestlemania are always the best.

About half through the show we realized a kid right behind us was holding up a sign that read Chad.  It was plainly visible on TV.  It was perfect.

Dean Ambrose has become one of my new favorites.  He is extremely entertaining.

Brock Lesner is a spectacle.  Always great to see the champ.

Sure, she is a bad guy, but I love Stephanie McMahon.

John Cena looking a little pervy.

Several of my predictions didn't come true.  Undertaker did accept Bray Wyatt's challenge, but not in person.  There was a cool fire show involved, though.

Some WWE fans are against him, but I am a Roman Reigns fan.  This guy has it all.  He could use a little work on the mic, but he will make a great WWE Champion come Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton is great.  He did a "face turn" on Raw which means he switched from bad guy to good guy.  But he is sort of a Stone Cold face which means he still does bad guy things like flick his opponent off all while the crowd cheers for him.

The show ended with Randy Orton completely physically dismantling Seth Rollins.

He beat him in the ring, in the crowd, and around the barrier.

This was a great move to see in person.

The Viper stalks his prey.

I was right behind the announce table when Randy hit Rollins with the RKO on the table.  It was great.

After the show, Rollins got carried out of the arena on a stretcher.  I love this stuff.

Chad enjoyed himself.

There was a "dark match" after the show went off the air.  A dark match is a match that isn't shown on television.  It ensures the fans go home happy.  John Cena fought Bray Wyatt.

Cena is the ultimate good guy and got the win.  Everyone had a great time.

But enough about the wrestlers, this is my blog.  Let's talk about me.  As soon as the show started, me and Chad started getting texts that we were on TV.  I kept an eye on the camera and knew when it was rolling.

Let's just say I was on TV a lot.

Didn't know this guy.

A lot of people thought this was our sign.  If I was going to have a sign, it would have my own name on it, and probably an 01.

I'm just saying.

Here's a picture of me taking a picture shown above.

Here's another.

Enjoying myself...

Really getting into it...

"KILL HIM RANDY!!!"  (You can actually hear me screaming this)

Hmm, wonder what I snagged a picture of here...

Me and my colleague Michael Cole, reporting for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Yep, I was on TV a lot.  If you watched RAW, you saw me.  It was a lot of fun.

Our Twitter friend, Frankie Smith (@franksamillion, an awesome name) sent this picture.  He paused his DVR on it without trying.  It's a surreal picture that includes Randy Orton, Booker T, the Wrestlemania sign, and me.  It is a great picture.  I love it.

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