Monday, March 9, 2015

Look For Me On WWE Monday Night Raw Tonight!

In a non-Dukes related note, I'm heading to the Consol Energy Center tonight for Monday Night Raw!  

Me and Chad went to the Royal Rumble last year and when it comes to wrestling seats, we are spoiled.

We are sitting second row again.  Pretty close to our seats last year, I think.  One section over.  We should be screen left behind the announce table this time.  Tune in on USA Network tonight and see if you can spot us.  I'll be in my yellow Hulkamania shirt (of course) and Chad will probably have a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt on.  And we'll have our championship belts with us for sure.

 Here's hoping fellow WWE fan Ben Roethlisberger will be there, sitting next to me, and we end up on television together...again.  One can hope.

And every time I go to WWE I hope Hulk Hogan is there.  With Wrestlemania only three weeks away, if he is gonna fight, he needs to get a feud starting quick.  Some predictions for tonight; Undertaker shows up to accept Bray's challenge.  Sting will be there.  And I hope Hogan comes out to tell Curtis Axel to stop ripping him off and that leads to them fighting at 'Mania.  I think they could make a good fight out of it.  I'll post pics on here from the event.

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