Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Dukes Stuff - 2/26/2015 - Framed Picture, Shirts, 45 Record

More Dukes of Hazzard items to add to the collection!  I love writing these blogs.  I have as much fun sharing my stuff as I do getting it.

First up is a 45 record by the band The Untamed Youth.  The song is called My General Lee.  The artwork is taken directly from the the Dukes album released in 1981.

I really didn't know what to expect with this single.  I've seen it on ebay a few times and never paid much attention to it,  But when I find something for a good price, I buy it.  The record is in perfect condition.  Wikipedia tells me The Untamed You was a popular garage rock and surf rock band that was around from the mid '80s to the late '90s.  I wasn't sure if the song would be vulgar or disrespectful to the Dukes.  I listened to it on youtube and was pleasantly surprised.

I've embedded the song above.  Give it a listen.  It has a real '60s Beach Boys vibe to it.  You can tell the band really loved the Dukes and the Gen'ral.  The synthesized Dixie Horn kind of hurts my ears, but other than that, it is a fun song and I'm glad I have it on vinyl.

The flip side of the record has a song called Tidewater Jack by Southern Culture on the Skids.  They seem to be a similar surf rock band.  I don't think either side of this record was ever played.

Next, I got a couple of shirts from our pals at  If they get new Dukes shirts, I buy them immediately.

The first one also has the artwork from the original album on it.  This shirt is very similar to one released two years ago.  It has the same artwork, but the other one is a lighter blue.  Both of these shirts are produced by Ripple Junction.

These shirts have very nice tags on them.

The other shirt is the same color blue and has a familiar picture of our favorite flying orange clunker car.

This image was used on a gray shirt that was released by Target that had the movie logo behind it.  This one obviously has the show logo.  This image was also used on many promotional shots for the movie.  In fact, it is the image I use for my phone background, and have for quite some time.   The image has been made to look vintage.  One thing I noticed is whoever made this shirt pays attention to detail and knows their Dukes.  The tires on this picture have been edited.  We all know that they didn't change the General Lee much for the movie, but one thing that differentiates the show and movie car is the white lettering on the tires.  Last time we saw this image used, and every time before that, it had the white letters.  This shirt is clearly a show shirt, like all the items released in the last nine years, and it was edited to represent the show General Lee.  Great job Ripple Junction.  I appreciate your eye for detail.  

This shirt has the same tags.

Inside, the shirts have a printed Dukes logo as well as Ripple Junction.  I really love seeing products with the 2015 copyright year on them.  Let's hope we get several this year.

My last addition today is a gem.  This is a 12" by 15" picture of the cast in the original frame behind glass.  This is a rare piece and I was super excited to find it.

I expected the back to have the National Picture and Frame sticker on it like a few other Dukes pictures have, but this one is blank.

This is a big picture.  Here is a standard CD (that happens to be the movie soundtrack) compared to the picture.

The bottom of the picture has a Dukes logo as well as Warner Bros. Inc. 1981 and the rebel flag.  I also included a good shot of ol' Flash in the picture.  He doesn't look too happy, but he never really did.

This is my favorite group shot of the cast.  They look like they are genuinely laughing at something.  Especially Daisy and Rosco.  There are a few different shots from this photo shoot on other products.  This is the best one.  I really love this picture and I'm very happy to add it to the collection.  It will be hung in a prominent place.  

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