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New Dukes Stuff - 6/3/2015 - Auto Trader Goodies, Megos, Cooter's Items and More

I got a bunch of random new Dukes of  Hazzard items recently.  A few of these items are very unique and a few are brand new and readily available to purchase.  Slide over the hood and jump in the window, and let's go.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've spent a good bit of time lately in Sperryville, VA at the newest Cooter's Place location.  Yeah, you knew that.  You also knew that I was going to come home with some great new Cooter's items.  The Chief Operating Officer of Cooter's, Michael, has really stepped up his game when it comes to releasing new items for the store.  He recently unveiled a new line of party supplies.  I get a lot of requests from fellow Dukes fans who want to throw a Dukes themed party.  The original party supplies go for way too much money to be used.  Micheal saw the need for these items and crafted some really nice pieces.  I haven't picked everything up yet, but I did get this nice basic plastic cup.  Cooter's also has party hats, napkins, paper plates, balloons, and even noise makers.  If you want to throw a Dukes party, they have what you need.  Someone should throw me a Dukes party.

I didn't get these in my most recent visits, but they were laying around my picture taking table. Cooter's has all kinds of 01 items like this dog tag and pin.  If you are looking for Dukes items, you have to check out Cooter's.

Another cool new area Michael is exploring is school and office supplies.  I had to get these orange 01 pens.

This is a black Cooter's 01 pencil.  Why is black you ask?

Because it turns to orange when you touch it, obviously.  These pens and pencils would look great in my extremely rare Dukes of Hazzard Pencil Cup.

This is a fun little school set that you really should buy before school starts back up.

It comes with a two pencils, a pen, a ruler, markers, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener.  Man, I wish I had this thing when I was in elementary school.  Or high school.  Or college.

The final piece of Cooter's Place merchandise is this great tin sign.  I've mentioned before that I love pieces that look like they could have come from the fictional Hazzard County.  This sign is definitely one of those items.  It looks weathered and I love it.  I'm going to hang this one somewhere in my office.

All of these pieces, and a whole lot more, are available at the three Cooter's Place locations and on their website

Just about a year ago Autotrader unleashed their  #New 01 Dukes of Hazzard commerical on an unsuspecting world and we are still rejoicing.  It really has been a hit and is still entertaining fans. The great people at Autotrader have reached out to me a few times and I've helped with promotion here and there.  It is really cool to be a tiny part of this amazing process.  Autotrader sent me a few really cool items as well.  This is and autographed photo of the three stars of the spot.  I have many autographed pieces, but this one is special because it is unique to the campaign.  It is worth framing and hanging.  I love it.

They also sent me this really cool orange Autotrader hat.  It has their new logo.  It isn't technically a Dukes item, but we all know it's orange because of the Gen'ral.  Thank you Autotrader, you did us Dukes fans a great service.  Keep it up!

Sometimes there are items you just can't pass up.  This complete set of 1981 8 inch Mego figures is a little tattered, but I jumped on it.  The bubbles are yellowed and slightly cracked, but the figures are all nice.  I learned from setting up the museum at the new Cooter's, you always need items like this on hand.

This is a weird one.  We all know the original 8 inch Mego line only included the four figures shown above.  This is a custom.  I don't usually go for customs like this, but I thought this would be a nice addition to the collection.  It's a custom Mego 8 inch Uncle Jesse figure.

The face is sorta scary.  My guess is that it's another Mego sculpt, but I can't place it.  The package is inspired by the original line.

It was the first annually exclusive from the Mego Meet which is a yearly convention of Mego fans.

It was held in Wheeling, WV which isn't all that far from here.  This is an unique piece that I'm glad I picked up.

The final item in today's entry is another great Ertl four car set.  You may be saying that I already have this set, and if you are, thank you for paying attention, but I have a similar set with the same cars in different positions.  The other set goes Rosco, Boss, General, Corvette where this one has the General and Boss's Caddy switched.  These sets were released with the cars in random orders so finding different ones may never end.  The cars included in the sets are the General, Hazzard Patrol Cars, Boss's Caddy, Daisy's Jeep, Cooter's pickup, and this random white Corvette.  Dave Dewitt even has a set with a blue van in it.  Some have more than one patrol car, and I have one with multiple Caddys.  That is too much math for me to figure out the possible combinations, but I have at least twelve different sets.  I know, I'm crazy.

The back of the package includes my favorite group shot.  Have you seen my recent reproduction of this shot using Figure Toy Company's new action figures?  Well here it is again.


The bottom of the package has a huge checklist of Ertl cars.  There are quite a few classics on this list.  See you next time.

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  1. Cool additions to your Collection, good Sir.... we have been reading your posts about your trip.... cool posts.... glad that it was a safe one.....and a great evening to you and yours.....