Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016 Dukes of Hazzard Presents

Admittedly, it is very hard to buy Dukes stuff for me.  No matter what you are buying, there is a good chance I already have it.   But I got a few Dukes Christmas presents that I don't yet have, so my friends took a chance, and it paid off!

First off was quite a surprise from our good buddy J.R Garrett.  This is a custom 1/25 scale Happy Birthday General Lee model.  J.R. blew me away by surprising me with this beauty.  He's shown off his talent before at Nashville and Sperryville; he builds great customs.  I didn't expect this awesome car at all.

After I got the package, J.R. gave me a little insight into his model building.  He told me no General Lees were harmed in the making of this car, as it actually started life as a model from the movie Deathproof.  I didn't realize they were selling the General mold for that car.  Great catch J.R.  It's been a while since I've seen that movie, and I forgot they used our General Lee Vector wheels.

J.R. added some detail to the interior and under the hood.  It's a great addition to the collection and I really appreciate the surprise!  Thanks again J.R., you rock!

Next up is a print from Jeff.  Jeff finds very unique artsy additions to the collection and I love 'em. This is a cool picture of what's actually John Schneider's General Lee before he sold it.  It has cool artwork framing it.  The 1/64 Gen'rals are used to keep it from rolling up, and for scale.

The various stickers give it away that it's a picture of John's car.  It is a very nice picture.

Long Live the General is added beneath General Lee.  I agree, Long Live the Gen'ral!

This is a cool subtle flag addition to the print.  I like it.  This is a really cool print, Jeffrey always comes through.

Another present from Jeffrey was more of a gamble as it's a commercially produced item.  He lucked out because I don't have this John Schneider White Christmas album.

Being an album from a Duke Boy would have been cool enough to add to the collection, but this particular copy has an awesome sticker attached to it that mentions the Dukes.  It's even in Dukes font.  I love it!

The back of the cover shows John in a horrible sweater.  It's not Christmas themed, but you could definitely show up to an ugly Christmas sweater party in that bad boy and fit right in.

Jeff also enjoyed the fact that this album was released by Scotti Brothers who released several of Weird Al's records.  I wonder if my hero John Schneider ever crossed paths with Jeff''s hero Weird Al Yankovic?  I mean, they were both huge in the '80s and continued on all these years. They had to meet up at some point, right?  I wonder.  Jeff has done it again with these great presents.  Thanks Jeff and J.R.!  Happy New Year Everyone!

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