Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New Dukes Stuff - 12/05/2017 Another Crew Jacket, Daisy Beach Towel, Bath Robe

It's getting cold outside, better bundle up with a nice new Dukes of Hazzard Crew Jacket, reminisce about the beach with a Daisy beach towel, and sit by the fireside with a Dukes bath robe, ok, I took it to far, the fireside thing was dumb, I got a few new items, let's look at them.

First we have a child size Dukes of Hazzard bathrobe from the golden era.  This is, obviously, a blue robe, and there is also a red version out there.  The only Dukes marking is the design screen-printed on the pocket.

The robe was crafted in 1982 and features the artwork most recognizable from the Barn Buster playsets from Knockerbocker.  I also have a child size pajama set with this same design on it.  This robe, and several other pieces of children's clothing from the golden era are considerably hard to find and can fetch quite a price.  I keep mentioning that it is a child size robe, and there are child sized pajamas, which may seem obvious and not need to be stated, but if I had a Dukes robe and pajamas that fit me, an adult sized adult, I'm not sure many of you would think it was weird if I wore them, because you know how Dukes-crazy I am.

Moving on.  A few years ago, when I wrote about my most prized Dukes possession, the mythical Dukes of Hazzard swimming pool, (it has to be described as mythical each time it's referenced, that's a rule) I included the Dukes beach towels in the post.  I stated there are only two different towels.  I said many people think there are three beach towels because one is printed horizontally but declared that the horizontal one is a bath towel, not a beach towel.  I'm sticking with that declaration, because I like declaring things and can't go back on them, but I was wrong about the number of vertically printed beach towels.  I found out about a third one shortly after posting the big pool blog, while working on Cooter's museum.  It took me some time to track one down, but I finally did.  This is the second Daisy Beach Towel, the Dixie version.  The other towel has Daisy over the General Lee, and this one has her with her beloved Jeep.  Now, I can say I have all the Dukes swimming items, well actually I can't.  Your pal and mine, Dave DeWitt, has a pair of the wonderful swimming trunks with Coy and Vance on them.  I'm still trying to track those down.  One day...

The final item in this three item post is a whooper.  I present a Dukes of Hazzard television show cast and crew police jacket.  I added another one to the collection!  This is one quite different from the one I bought in 2015.

It makes sense that Daisy is pictured with this jacket.  Many people don't know, but Catherine Bach designed and purchased these jackets for the cast and crew.  They were a Christmas present during production.  All the cast members have them.  Sonny Shroyer still wears his regularly, Ben Jones has his on display in Luray, Catherine has hers in safe keeping, and now I have two.  It was cool talking to Catherine about these jackets, and she is very proud of them.  I posted a couple pictures of the stars wearing theirs in my other crew jacket blog post.

This jacket is a little different from my other one.  The back is the same with the Dukes of Hazzard written in red.

The tag inside says "The Lawman."  I believe it is a different brand then my other one.  It definitely looks like a jacket that an officer of the law would wear.

Like my other one, this one in monogrammed.  It once belonged to Bob C.  IMDB tells me that that could be director Bob Claver, who directed episodes Route 7-11 and The Big Heist, and also directed loads of other classic TV shows like Mork and Mindy, Facts of Life, Webster, Small Wonder, and Charles in Charge, or writer Bob Clark, who wrote the episode Repo Men as well as the second reunion movie, and also directed a Christmas classic, A Christmas Story.  This could be a jacket owned by the director of Ralphie, Randy, the Old Man, and Scut Farkus, that's exciting!

The Hazzard County Sheriff's Dept. patch on the sleeve is the same as the ones seen on Rosco's, Enos's, and Cletus's uniforms.  It really adds a nice touch to the jacket.

My other jacket only has a zipper, but this one has these bold shiny buttons as well as the zipper.  You can't miss these things.  They go down the front and are also on the pockets.

Though similar, the Bob C. jacket and the Len jacket are quite different.  The names are on different sides of the front, and the Len jacket has an area for a badge.  The collars are similar, and they have the same patches.  Maybe Catherine bought them at different times, or just spread the love to different brands.

My guess is these were all made at the same time, but Catherine bought different brands.  The patches and printing on the back are the same, which are the additions Catherine made, but the bases of the jackets are different.  I didn't know there were different version of the Dukes of Hazzard television show cast a crew police jacket, but now I'm glad to have one of each in the collection.

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