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New Dukes Stuff - 11/21/2017 Sitting Flash, Foreign Barn Buster, Bubble Gum Record

One thing I have not been on top of lately is writing New Dukes Stuff blogs.  The new items have been pilling up here at DCHQ (DukesCollector Headquarters, I'm trying it out, what do you think?) and I have been lax in my duties.  Let's change that by diving in to one of the piles.  We got some cool pieces in this one.

First up is a Motocross jersey from Thor.  The front of it looks kinda Duke-y.

But once you see the back, you notice that it is definitely Dukes inspired.  I'm not sure when this came out, but I am pretty sure it was around 2005ish.  There is a matching pair of pants for this shirt, but I don't have them.   I picked up this jersey for a great price.

The Thormx logos are all over the shirt.  The front logo is rubber and has a cool feel to it.  This Thor 01 jersey is a cool, odd addition to the collection.  I love it when brands show off their love for the Dukes of Hazzard.  Though it's two different sports, I could totally see someone wearing this Motocross gear while jumping some ramps on the DK General Lee bicycle.

Next up are a few smaller patches.  This "I Love Bo" patch was sold individually.  It can be applied to any number of items by any Dukes fan who loves Bo.  I love Bo, we all love Bo.

Following the Bo patch are a few patches that were not sold individually.  These odd little patches came off Dukes garments.  There is very rare Dukes clothing out there, particularly Dukes of Hazzard Jeans and I believe these came off them.  I unfortunately haven't had a chance to add any jeans to my collection yet, but I'll take small patches from the jeans if I can get 'em.

The first one is a jumping General Lee over a Dukes font logo.

The other one is a rebel flag with Dukes of Hazzard stitched in it.  The center star is replaced by the "of."  I don't think I've seen that on any other item.

The backs of these patches differ from other stand alone patches and that makes me think they were removed from clothing.  I am looking for any Dukes of Hazzard jeans I can find, so if you know of any, please let me know.

The next entries are different pins from the golden era.

These round pinback buttons sure have been popular for a long time.  I can remember making similar pins in wood shop class in high school.  At that time I printed out an "nWo" logo and the teacher thought it was great.  I'm pretty sure he sold several of them using my logo.  High school in the '90s, weird.  Back to Dukes.  This pin has a lot going on.  It has a picture of a jumping General Lee and a lot of words on it.  It came out in 1980 which is early for Dukes stuff.

The next one doesn't have a year on it.  Either '80 or '81.  I'm makin' bacon with Boss Hogg.  It has a great picture of Boss, and I love the money signs in the BO$$.  Can anyone remember if "makin' bacon" was ever actually used on the show?  I don't think it was.  There are a few other round pinbacks that were officially released in the '80s.  I'll have to track the others down.

I have to admit that I am not up on my Georgia Jaycees Delegate Dukes of Hazzard pin knowledge.  There are a lot of them out there and I have no idea what they mean or why they were created.  The owner of everyone's favorite mobile Dukes of Hazzard museum, Dave DeWitt, has a whole bunch of them.  He actually gave me this one.  There are different pins that feature every cast member, all the vehicles, and I think even some locations like the Boars Nest.  They each have the words "Georgia Jaycees" and "delegate" on them.  I have seen other similar pins with Smokey and the Bandit on them.  I gotta learn more about all this.  This particular pin features the General Lee spitting some dust.

The back has two pins on it.  I have seen these pins bring good money on ebay and I've seen some slip through the cracks.  I gotta get some more.  Now that I have one, I want them all.  Perhaps a reader or someone googling Georgia Jaycees can shed some light on the history of these cool little Dukes items.

Moving on, this is the larger Rodeo Sfondafienile, otherwise known as the Italian Stunt Buster.

Back in a post from 2015, I mentioned that I acquired the Autorodeo, an Italian version of the car and ramp from Knickerbocker's Dukes playets.  This is an entire Italian playset.  This set is basically the standard Stunt Buster, but it's produced by Harbert, licensed by Knickerbocker.  For all kinds of info on the Knickerbocker Dukes toys, check out this post

The artwork is changed from the standard Knickerbocker General Lee to this American flag roofed, Golden Eagle touting 69 car.  It doesn't do it for me.  Nearly everything else on the box resembles the Stunt Buster box.

Demonstrating the different kind of wheelies the car can do is the General Lee, not the eagle car.  I'm glad the Gen'ral makes a cameo.

The Gen'ral also shows up on the side of the box.  Some of the text is in English, while most is in Italian.

The kid is actually not on the American Stunt Buster box, nor the Barn Buster.  We only see an American version of this lad on the Speed Jumper box.  His Italian cousin is sporting a green and yellow stripped shirt and if I'm not mistaken, his collar is popped, Vasco Calcara would be proud.

Popping collars and popping wheelies.

This set is in very nice condition.  It is sealed.  Here are my two foreign Knickerbocker sets.  I still have to track down the Rodeo Saltoacrobatico, the Italian Speed Jumper.  

Next up is this standard looking copy of John Schneider's 1981 Album, "Now or Never."  But there is nothing standard about this little gem.

This is the standard copy, and notice the teeny tiny version in the bottom right.  That's what I'm blogging about today.  

It's a "Chu-Bops" bubble gum record!  Apparently these bubble gum albums were a hit from 1980 to 1983 and there were 85 different records available.  Everyone from Elvis to KISS to Willie Nelson was featured on Chu-Bops and our own Bo Duke made the list.  The tiny album measures 3 inches by 3 inches and the back features information on how to order other sets.  Seems someone was trying to sell this copy for $10 at one time.  They originally cost twenty-nine cents.  Weird additions to the collection are so much fun.

We are going to take this post home with an adorable plush version of Rosco's Velvet Ears.  This is the rare small sitting Flash from Animal Fair.

Could this pup look any sadder?  Maybe he's upset that he's not in Hot Pursuit with Rosco P. Coltrane!  I love it, I love it.

Cheer up little guy, the Duke Boys will be driving though a Hazzard County speed trap any minute now.

The tag is intact and identifies our furry friend.  He was created in 1982.

I now have three of the four versions of the Hazzard's greatest hound dog.  The large laying Flash, and both the small laying and the small sitting Flash.  I just need to find the large sitting Flash.

I blogged about the two laying versions last year.  None of my version are in the box.  The two small dogs are very similar except their positions.

They are just so sad!  I wonder why Animal Fair made four different versions of Flash.  Why are there three different Duncan General Lee yo-yos?  Why are there 12x15 framed photos with and without the flag?  Questions like these will never be answered.  But they are fun to ponder.  Maybe there was a big disagreement at Animal Fair as to whether Flash was always laying down in the patrol car or was sitting up and attentive.  Perhaps they couldn't come to an agreement and just made both.  Then Mark from accounting came in and said the stuffed animals were to big for little kids' hands but they were already in production so they just added two more sizes to the mix.  I'm sure that's exactly how it happened.  We have Mark from accounting to thank for the smaller Flashes.  Thanks Mark!

Well it's not exactly as much fun as the different scale General Lee pictures I took comprised of all scales from 1/144 to 1/18, but seeing three different Flashes stacked up is fun.  They all have the tag in different places.

Big Flash looks a little more angry than sad in this shot.  Get these puppies off me!

This is my family of Flash hounds.  I need one more to complete the litter.  The hunt goes on.

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