Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Dukes of Hazzard Presents

I got a few Dukes items for Christmas.  It is very hard for anyone to buy me Dukes these days because I don't even know everything I have.  But some people managed to surprise me.  Let's take a look.

Our pal, Rush Pedder, blew me away with this one.  It is a Christmas album from a small organization in Illinois titled the Small One.  It is from 1977.  One of the stars happens to be John Schneider.

Finding anything pre-Dukes starring JRS is awesome.  This is a great gift Rush, and I really appreciate it.

I have no idea where Rush got it.  It is a great addition to the collection.

Jeff also came through big for the holiday.

This is a screen used prop from the show....seriously!  This "Vintage Glass Serving Bowl" was actually used on the show, during production, by the Dukes, and now sits in my collection.  That's mind boggling.

It comes with a tag describing it.

And a Certificate of Authenticity.  The item came from Ellis Props and Graphics.  It is the real deal.  This is awesome.  Great job Jeff.  Now that Dukes will be on in HD, I'll have to search the backgrounds of each episode to try to find this prop.

And the final Dukes Christmas present comes from none other than Santa himself.  He brought this item from the North Pole.  It is the brand new Johnny Lightning all white White Lightning General Lee.  Who would have guessed I'd get this version before I found the white wheeled WL General Lee?

This car was only recently released and is really striking.  It looked great under the tree.  It's not a stark white color, actually a little off-white.

It doesn't have either the front or back plate.

JL is not shying away from showing the flag through the package.  It looks really cool on a white background.  It almost looks like the red and blue are painted right on the white hood.

Johnny Lightning's newest products now have a blue Tomy logo on the box.  I have to see how many Dukes products have this change.  I don't want to have to restock the fleet again.

This car also has 2013 markings on the bottom.  That means a standard non-WL General Lee will also come in this updated box.  Here we go again.

I had a great Christmas, and I hope you all did too.  The Dukes in HD will be on TV before we know it. Let's see if we can squeeze one more blog post out before the New Year.

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