Monday, October 15, 2012

Restocking the fleet - Tomy Dukes of Hazzard merchandise

I consider myself a Dukes of Hazzard completest.  If they put it out, I have to buy it.  That goes for slight variations.  In 2011, Tomy Corporation bought RC2  which included Ertl and   
Johnny Lightning. So far they haven't released anything new Dukes, but that is about to change later this month with the new Johnny Lightning Patrol Car followed by the 00 Mustang and the 99 Cooter's Camaro.  But they did make a slight change to products already released.  They added the Tomy logo to the packages.  So being the completest I am, I had to get them all.

I wanted to get everything at the same time, instead of trying to get it all on eBay.  Luckily for me, I have a great relationship with the fine folks at the Dukes of Hazzard capital of the world: Cooter's Place.  A phone call later and this box is waiting outside my door.

The box was full of Dukes goodies.

These 1/64 three packs have been released a few times before.  They were first put out on a red card with the same combination of cars.  A few years later they were on this card with Joyride on the top right.  Then Johnny Lightning replaced that and now we have the Johnny Lightning with Tomy logo on the bottom.

Daisy's Road Runner that is included in this set is a very bad rendition of the car.  The Jeep is also too new of a model.  The General, patrol cars, and Caddy are the same castings that have been used since the '80s.  There is a difference between Rosco's and Enos' patrol car with this set.  Rosco has a blue light bar where Enos has a red one.  Since the reunion movie, the 00 Mustang sure has received a lot of diecast love.

Also included in my Tomy box of goodies is the standard 1/18 General Lee.  This is the same diecast that has been released under the names Ertl, Joyride, and now Johnny Lightning.  Notice the Tomy logo on the bottom right.  I am surprised they have not included a White Lightning in 1/18 scale yet.

I also got the 1/25 General Lee.  This casting was used all the way back in 1981.     

And I got new versions of the White Lightning and Lightning Strike 1/25 General Lees.  As pointed out  in this post, a Lightning Strike car usually has white wheels and a Lightning Strike can be different in many ways... orange wheels in the General Lee's case.

As you can see, the only difference is the small Tomy logo on the bottom right of the boxes.  Some people might think it is crazy to have so many of the same cars (and it might be), but if you want to be a completest in the world of Dukes of Hazzard collecting, you gotta get 'em all.

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