Monday, October 1, 2012

New (and some old) Dukes Stuff - 10/1/2012

Got some new stuff recently.  And found a few other things I forgot I had.

First off, I went a little calculator crazy on ebay.  There are several different versions that were released in 1981.  This is the standard Dukes of Hazzard Calculator.

I actually got two of these from the same seller because they were cheap.

I was considering which seller to buy from, when I noticed that the two calculators I was looking at were different.  So I bought both.  This is a bigger version with yellow keys.

The cards look the same, but one is a lot bigger.  I didn't expect that.  When they came in, I was surprised how much bigger one was than the other.  There is also one that came on in a box that I already have.

While getting the displays out for my recent post, I found a few items that I bought with them from a fellow collector.  One was this entry form and giveaway from the movie.  When you bought a case of Castrol GTX motor oil, you got a free special edition 1/64 General Lee if you sent this in.  You were also entered to win one of five movie posters and the grand prize of an '06 Charger.  I have the special edition 1/64.  It is cool because it is the only single carded General put out for the movie.  The card has the Castorl GTX logo on it.  I wonder who won the Charger.

I also got this patch with a General Lee on it.  I don't know much about it, except that it's cool.

One thing that I think is more special then it probably is is the album on cassette.  It took my a while to find the first one, then I found a few more.  And when I see it going cheap, I pick it up.  There is a version from the early '80s and one from 1997.  This is the '80s version.

The original is made of the classic cassette colored solid plastic.  The newer one came in the more modern clear plastic.  They both have the same songs.  The newer re-release has a blue background, like the matching CD.  I said before, I have this album on 8-Track, vinyl, both original and re-release cassette, the 1997 and 2005 CD.  And I have a few of the single 45 records.  Flash by James Best is the best song by far.

Auto World put out a bunch of slot cars a few years ago and each had variant versions.  I have all of the standard and the dirty ones.  They also put out chrome variants.  They got for a little bit more money.  When I see them for cheaper, I grab them.  I already have the General Lee.  This is Daisy's Jeep.  These chrome cars are different because they change the colors.  The Jeep is red.

It has the Golden Eagle on top.  It sure looks different in red.

That completes the haul for today.  I made a few really cool purchases in the last few days and I'm waiting for them to be shipped.  I can't with to add them to the collection and the blog.  More on them when they get here.


  1. your post made me remember this song from my youth... so I posted " Laughing All the Way to the Bank" a short tribute to Boss Hogg

  2. "Flash" was a Good tune as well....