Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard Slot Machine

One of the strangest places to run into the Dukes of Hazzard has to be a casino.  The Dukes of Hazzard Slot Machine by WMS gaming can be found in casinos around the country.  Luckily for me, they have some at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in nearby Washington, PA.  I do like to gamble every once in  a while, but I am more of a card player than a slot fan.  But when I do go to play some blackjack, I throw twenty bucks into this machine.  The way I figure it, if I'm gonna hit it big, might as well be from the Dukes.  Hasn't happened yet though.

I've played this thing quite a few times, and always try to snap pictures of it, but I guess taking pictures in a casino is frowned upon.  They've stopped me before.  This last trip down, I was prepared, turned the camera sound off on my phone, and acted like I was texting.  I was able to grab a few.  The game seems to be a popular one, and there are always people playing it when I go.  I turn the volume all the way up when I sit down because it uses the radio version of the theme song and has quite a few different video clips than the show.  I don't really understand the whole thing in casinos where slots are 1 cent of 2 cents, because to get a spin where you can actually win something  costs about 4 dollars anyway.  It is kinda cool that they have "02 ¢" as a reference to 01 but why not just make it a one cent machine?

When you get a bonus or a mini game , which I've never gotten, you get a "Big Money Rev Up" where the narrator (who does just an all right impression of Waylon Jennings) tells to you look up and see how high the General revs.  I have watched other people get it, and it is quite exciting.  There is also a cool bonus game where you "drive" the General.  You get more money for picking the correct direction out of five choices.  You either jump the river, where they use the footage of the famous Styx River jump, cause Rosco to crash, or get caught.  They farther you go without getting caught, the more you win.  I have played that one before and it's a lot of fun.  As many times as I've  played the thing, I've only ever won $50 once.

They do a nice job keeping with the Dukes theme.  There are a few video clips of Boss saying funny lines.  I am surprised with the lack of Daisy clips though.  You'd think they would have used clips of her.

Each machine has a plastic General Lee on top of the progressive money screen.  It is about the size of the original plastic bank, a little bigger than a 1/18 diecast.  The General has pretty good detail to the casting of the charger, but the 01s aren't perfect and the flag is covered by what looks like another flag layed on top.  It is similar to the rebel flag but has the bars going down the sides and an 01 in the middle.  Not a bad design for a replacement for the rebel flag.

There is also a smaller plastic Rosco's Patrol Car.  It is a pretty good rendetion of a Monaco.  It does have a big Sheriff Emblem on the hood which is incorrect.  The big blue TV screen must be a WMS Gaming trademark or something.  They seem to have a lot of licensed TV show themed slot machines.

I pressed my luck taking pictures of the machine and got away with it, but I wasn't going to chance taking video in a Casino.  I didn't want to get kicked out or banned.  I did find a video on WMS's youtube channel that has a little bit of the Dukes machine in action.

It is cool that there is a Dukes of Hazzard slot machine.  The first episode of the show was all about slots, and it was even called "One Armed Bandits."  They should have included some clips from that episode in the game.  It helps promote the show and keep it in the public's mind.  But it drives me nuts that there is a big piece of Dukes memorabilia out there that is near impossible for me to own.  I know the slot machine parts of the machine are probably used in every game out there, but the display pieces are great and I would love to have them.  I have tried to email WMS but never got a reply.  Maybe if they ever get rid of these bad boys, I can get my hands on them.  Or keep trying to contact them.  The General Lee and Rosco car pieces are made just for this machine, so it will be tough, but I'm going to keep trying.


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