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New Dukes Items - 11/30/2018 - Dukes Movie Items

It's hard to believe that there are still Dukes of Hazzard movie treasures out there that I haven't added to the collection yet, but I still find some now and then.  Let's take a look at all these pieces that have Johnny, Seann, and Jessica on them instead of Tom, John, and Catherine.

First up is this European only released Radio Controlled General Lee.  Not to be confused with the American release by Malibu International, this 1/18 RC is an entirely different car.  I knew it was out there, but have been looking for one for years.

The Charger body looks a little off.  It almost seems like the hood is pointing down.  It's not the best representation we've seen of the General Lee in 1/18 scale.

The RC car was made by a company called Hitari.  Google tells me that they also released a radio controlled KITT and Airwolf helicopter.

The back of the box lists the features of the car including a "turbo boost" feature.  They must have lifted that from their Knight Rider release.  The description used for the movie is the same one that is on several other movie items including the movie 1/18s.

The bottom of the box shows that this car needs a lot of batteries and that Hitari Limited is based in Bedfordshire, England.  It came out in 2005 when all the other movie stuff came out.

I'm glad I tracked this foreign toy down.  It proved to be rather difficult to find.  I'm pretty sure I have all the movie toys, but you never can tell.

Next up are a couple of different releases of the movie on DVD.

First up in an Australian release of the movie in a fun holographic box.  It features the most commonly used artwork that is featured on the main poster and the standard American DVD release.  It is a part of the Platinum Collection and was sold at K-Mart down under.

The back of the box is basically the same as the American release.  Besides the holographic portion on the front, the main difference is that this is a region 4 DVD.  It would not work in our DVD players.  I love finding these foreign releases, as evidenced by this post of foreign DVD releases.  Chock up another one for the collection.

Next up is a new "2 Film Collection" recently released by Warner Bros.  It features the Dukes movie and the 2004 reboot of Starky and Hutch.  I remember when I first heard they were making a new Starsky and Hutch movie, I knew it would only be a matter of time until we got a new Dukes.  Early rumblings had Ashton Kutcher cast as Luke, Paul Walker as Bo, and Britney Spears cast as Daisy.  Those rumors weren't too far off base as we got Ashton's "Dude, Where's My Car?" co-star and another pop superstar in the finished product.  I always thought casting Paul Walker would be type casting him as he basically played Bo in the F&F movies.  I would say the Dukes movie is better the the S&H movie, but neither compare to their respective originals.

The back of the box is marked 2018.  Keep giving us new Dukes of Hazzard stuff Warner Bros.!!!  Please!!!!

This is not the first time these two movies have been sold together.  Here is another 2 movie set I have from several years ago.

I recently picked up these four Cottman Limited edition Dukes of Hazzard NASCAR 1/64s.  I already have a few, but can't pass up a bargain.

There was a promotion with Cottman Transmissions to promote the movie between November 2005 and January 2006.  The Dukes of Hazzard Holiday Gift Pack was available at Cottman Centers.  The official description for the gift pack reads:

"The Holiday Gift Pack will be available from the end of November through the first week of January, 2006 with any service or fluid change. Each gift pack will include a limited edition diecast Cottman 1/64 scale NASCAR/General Lee racecar (limited to 5,000 pieces) and a coupon from Warner Bros for $5 off the purchase of The Dukes of Hazzard DVD. The retail value of this package is $13.00 Available at participating stores"

This car was driven by Sterling Marlin during one race in 2005.  I am not sure about the rules with NASCAR tie-ins, but it seems like a missed opportunity for any car to have the Dukes logo on the hood and not be numbered 01.

The back of this package has the same description as the other car and also has it in French.  It mentions Sherif, fais-moi peur! which might be the only toy to have the French title on it.  I'll have to do some digging to confirm that.

Next up is yet another movie mylar.  This one is the medium sized mylar.  I already have the small and large varieties.   These are used in some movie theaters above the auditorium door.

I didn't know there were three different sizes of these things until this year.  Jeff got me the small one back in 2014.  I didn't know they existed at all until then.  I picked up the large one this Spring and now tracked down this medium one.  I wonder if that's it for these guys.

Oh man, these pants have driven me crazy.  I finally have them all.  Way back in my second ever DukesCollector post, I was complaining about how hard these Wal-Mart pants are to find.  They were sold at every Wal-Mart in the country in 2005 and yet they are so difficult to come by now.  I've had the brown Boars Nest pair since 2012 and finally added the other three to the collection.

The four of them look great together... finally.

The package is the same on each pair.  They feature the movie Z logo and a familiar shot of the General Lee.  The background is the same design used on all movie products.

The pants were made by Exquisite Apparel.  Google tells me that they are a clothing wholesaler based in New York.

The back of the package shares its design with the Dukes movie toys and has a feature list that is similar to the RC car features.  Instead of "Working Lights" and a "Yee Haw Button" the pants feature "roomy fit" and "button fly."  Also on the back package is the original price of $11.93.  I paid so much more for these pants.  So much more.

There are two different General Lee themed pants.  They are very similar to each other.  Both are mostly blue and feature the Gen'ral and large 01s.  The biggest picture of the General on the top pair is at an angle where the biggest picture on the other pair is a profile.  The profile print says General Lee where the other one has stars.  We shall call the top one Blue Star General Lee Pants and the bottom one Blue General Lee Profile Pants.  You got to have official names for everything.  It's a rule.

The other two pairs are easier to tell apart.  The grey pair has Johnny and Seann's heads floating around as well as stylized pictures of the General Lee, big Yee Haws, and the Z logo.  Everyone needs sleep pants with Johnny Knoxville's head on them.

The fourth pair is the pair I've had the longest.  It features the movie's Boars Nest logo.  They are brown and have the tagline "Best Brew in Hazzard."  I like this take on the Boars Nest, but like everything movie related, the show version is just better.  All four of these pants are still in their original packaging that include a hanger.  I'm so happy I finally added this entire set to the collection.  It was not easy.

The final item in this movie themed post is a German movie poster.  Man, do I love the foreign variants.  In Germany, the Dukes of Hazzard is called Ein Duke Kommt Selten Allein.  That translates to A Dukes Seldom Comes Alone.  Which probably references the fact that Bo and Luke are almost always together.  I have a German version of the movie on UMD, but haven't tracked down a German DVD yet that is being advertised on this poster.  It's interesting that the American version says "Cousins, Outlaws, Thrillbillies" on the license plate above the word "Unrated."  This German version says "Die Version. Die."  When translated, the whole message on the license plate says "The version that was too hot for cinema, uncensored."

I have to be getting close to owning just about everything movie related out there.  But I am just about to start to search for German DVDs of the movie, and I'm sure I'll stumble across other movie items I don't own yet.  I stress yet.  The search continues!!!

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